This is the sort of change he promised

While I am less bothered to see this phenomenon is happening in the People’s Republic of California, a deep blue state, and one of the reasons the economically illiterate idiot in the WH was elected, not once, but twice, it is still saddening to see it happen. It shows how bad things have gotten:

Debbie Rohr lives with her husband and twin teenage sons in a well-tended three-bedroom home in Salinas. The ranch-style house has a spacious kitchen that looks out on a yard filled with rosebushes. It’s a modest but comfortable house, the type that Rohr, 52, pictured for herself at this stage of life.

She just never imagined that it would be her childhood home, a return to a bedroom where she once hung posters of Olivia Newton-John and curled up with her beloved Mrs. Beasley doll. Driven by economic necessity — Rohr has been chronically unemployed and her husband lost his job last year — she moved her family back home with her 77-year-old mother.

At a time when the still sluggish economy has sent a flood of jobless young adults back home, older people are quietly moving in with their parents at twice the rate of their younger counterparts.

For seven years through 2012, the number of Californians aged 50 to 64 who live in their parents’ homes swelled 67.6% to about 194,000, according to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development.

The jump is almost exclusively the result of financial hardship caused by the recession rather than for other reasons, such as the need to care for aging parents, said Steven P. Wallace, a UCLA professor of public health who crunched the data.

The LA Times tries real hard to pretend this is the fault of the recession, which in libtard speak means Boosh’s fault, but the reality is that Boosh is long gone, and the recession has stayed because the left, especially in deep blue states like California, has been singularly focused on class warfare bullshit that has allowed the credentialed elite marxist that have ran California for decades and control the WH these days, to raid the tax money collected. Remember that this is one of the states that is front and center in enacting every single leftoid pet peeve. From idiotic green shit to free shit for immigrants, both things that cost the people working an arm and a leg, California leads the pack in doing things that kill jobs.

The left refuses to acknowledge that financial hardship these people are in comes as a courtesy of the “Hope & Change” class warfare policies pushed by the left. You do things that punish success, especially against business, be it small business or the behemoth mega corps, and you should expect that you will experience, to borrow their lingo, all manner of “economic hardship”. Businesses, but especially the people that make up these business entities, that feel punished will move, as soon as they can, drastically curtail any and all growth, and thus employment opportunities, or even close shop. The fact is that they can pretend otherwise, but California is hemorrhaging, and that’s why the economy sucks there.

The universe however, when I see news like this, gives me hope. The idiots are getting what they deserve for believing stupid shit and that’s why we might still have a chance to reverse the trends of the last 6 or more decades into marxist insanity. Now you can go back to hoping they leave you with some of your own change, cause that’s what Obama meant when he said what he said.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Eventually it will get so bad that large groups of politicians will get voted out of office in favor of “reform”; I give the reformers a 50-50 chance of screwing it up even worse.

    However, unless they address the bureaucratic nightmare that they’ve created over the decades, any intended reform will run into serious roadblocks from the unions that will try to hold a gun to their heads.

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