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The other day Black Jesus and the sycophants that follow him around looking for any chance to suckle his cock were all atwitter and telling us how the ACA had enrolled 7.1 million people – a number I think is fake as hell – doing their victory dance, and avoiding giving any details that would leave any reasonable person to conclude that this was all an attempt to put about a ton of lipstick on the ugliest fucking pig ever. Have no fear however, because even the cock sucking sycophants are finding that the evidence that Obamacare is a massive train wreck unable to suppress. Sebelius isn’t resigning: she is being thrown under the bus. She is the proverbial scapegoat. And the problem isn’t the stupid website: the whole idea behind the ACA, what it does and stands for, is a monumental disaster in the making, and that is not disputable. Let’s start with the first important point made:

Before we get to these studies, though, we should recognize why we need outside organizations to validate White House claims in the first place. The Department of Health and Human Services still has no way to quantify important data about those consumers signing up for health insurance through state and federal exchanges.

The WH produced numbers, in a vacuum, made claims they then expected us to take at face value, could not produce any details or proof to back their claims, and yet, the cock suckers in the media didn’t bother to push back on them. This train wreck is gathering speed, and the people that know it is going to plow into a station filled with people causing massive casualties, don’t give a rat’s ass, because they do not want to criticize Black Jesus or the left’s cultism. It’s not that the evidence isn’t out there or that we have not had ample time to find it;

More than six months after the initial rollout of Obamacare — and four years after the ACA’s passage — the systems designed by HHS still cannot determine basic and critical information about enrollments such as whether a premium payment has been made. Without a premium payment, a sign-up in the web portal does not mean coverage has been extended.

Furthermore, the systems were not designed to collect important demographic information such as pre-existing coverage, current health status, or even definite age ranges, even though the success of the Obamacare structure depends on getting previously uninsured healthy Americans locked into expensive comprehensive insurance.

Without the “young invincibles” providing new funding for risk pools that now have to cover older and less-healthy consumers under “community pricing” restrictions, premiums will escalate rapidly, forcing more consumers out of the system and triggering the dreaded “death spiral” for insurers.

In order to determine the scope of the celebration, then, we need outside surveys to give us an idea of the size and composition of the actual enrollment population in Obamacare. The first of the independent studies comes from the RAND Corporation, which studied the changes in the health insurance market between September 2013 – just before the rollout of the state exchanges – and the end of the open-enrollment period at the end of last month.

While the White House can claim credit for a net increase of 9.3 million insured and a lowered uninsured rate from 20.5 percent to 15.8 percent, the data provides a significantly different picture than that painted by President Obama and the ACA’s advocates.

Color me surprised. One thing this WH is exceedingly good at is deluding the low information voter and themselves, and this is such a case. Oh, I have no doubt that they know they are full of shit, but as I already mentioned, they need to keep pretending this thing is anything but the disaster it is in order to keep steamrolling us. The facts and data can be ignored, or even manipulated to pretend there is anything to celebrate about this disaster, but the facts speak for themselves;

First, a significant amount of this increase comes from Medicaid enrollments, not private insurance. Almost six million people enrolled in Medicaid, and earlier studies showed that a relatively small number of those came from the expansion built into the ACA; most of these would have been Medicaid-eligible prior to the reform.

Another 8.2 million more people enrolled in employer-provided health care, as 7.1 million left the “other” category and another 1.6 million left the individual insurance markets. Only 3.9 million actually enrolled in insurance plans through state or federal exchanges – not 7.1 million as claimed by Obama. That number falls far short of even the lowered expectations issued by HHS and the White House earlier this year.

Moreover, those who did enroll through the state exchanges didn’t provide the demographic lift and risk-pool support needed to prevent massive increases in either premiums or deductibles, or both, in the near future. Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts, which collected more data from insurers than HHS managed through its own exchanges, determined that the incoming enrollees require more medical attention than the previous risk pools, not less – which means that insurers will need to raise premiums even more than first thought.

Their new study shows, for instance, that the enrollees from state and federal exchanges have a 47 percent higher use of specialty medications than in commercial plans in general. “Increased volume for higher cost specialty drugs can have a significant impact on the cost burden for both plan sponsors and patients,” the report reminds readers. “Despite comprising less than 1 percent of all U.S. prescriptions,” the report continues, “specialty medications now account for more than a quarter of the country’s total pharmacy spend.”

The medications themselves show that the care costs will increase relative to the existing risk pools as well. The rate for HIV medications in Obamacare exchange plans is four times higher than in existing commercial plans. Medication prescriptions are 35 percent higher, and anti-seizure medication increases 27 percent. Ironically, the only category where exchange consumers have lower demand than commercial-plan customers is in contraception – the focus of a big political battle in the employer mandate.

As Express Scripts, which studied changes in pharmacy benefits concludes that the ACA has succeeded in getting coverage to consumers who need it. However, that comes at a high cost for those who had their existing coverage canceled and saw their premiums and deductibles skyrocket as a result of Obamacare. Furthermore, the number of those who gained coverage may be even smaller than the RAND study concluded.

Well DUH! My premiums have gone up, by double digit numbers, every year since this giant shit sandwich was in the making. This year they jumped by close to 20%. I now do have coverage for maternity care and gynecological services for my son and me though, so bonus I guess. My provider is selling his practice and looking at doing something else for a living: he simply isn’t interested in bleeding even more money and time to allow politicians to rig the system so they can make it worse for his patients. And I am not alone here. Sure, we hear the occasional claim from people that this thing has helped them, and while I don’t want to outright come out and say I find most people that claim this to be bullshitting, unless they fall into the category of people with preconditions or that were uninsurable, the fact remains that if there were more than a handful of these people we would be bombarded with coverage about how great this ACA ass rape was from the LSM. There isn’t enough lipstick on the planet to make this pig look sexy.

I guess my consolation is that amongst the people hurt the worst are some of the sycophants that voted for Black Jesus and thought they were so cool because they cared about those poor shlobs without coverage. They were all for free healthcare for everyone, an idiotic concept at its face, while they bought the lies that others would foot the bill. Now that they realize it butt fucks them just as hard too, they are all pissy about it. If there is justice in the universe, these people will be made to suffer long and hard for their stupidity. Nothing teaches liberal fools more than the real world. Now if we could only get this shit rolled back and someone could actually do something that did make healthcare better and more affordable, the universe would finally be just.

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  1. AlexInCT *

    On the plus side, the websites have extremely bad security and can be easily hacked for your data.

    That’s a feature of Obamacare actually. Makes it easier for them to spy on you or enable all their big donors to make money off you. The funny thing is that government passed HIPAA, which punishes private industry heavily for lack of security around private customer information – a few incidences can basically bankrupt a company – but doesn’t hold itself to the same standards. In fact, if you were to have your infomration stolen from them and complained or sought remediation, you might end up with an IRS audit and some goons visiting you from the Obama SS.

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