The left is doing battlespace preparation

Every once in a while you have some libtard that drops their guard and lets you know how stupid the warped way these fucks view the world really is. Case in point, Edward McClelland and his piece at Salon titled “Communism saved the American worker” where he starts off saying;

I miss the Soviet Union. I never visited the country during its 72 years of existence, and I didn’t much like what I read about it in late-Cold War newspapers and library copies of Soviet Life: the long queues for bread, the military parades presided over by impassive bemedaled field marshals, the kitschy tributes to dictators, the Olympians inflated by performance-enhancing drugs. Communism, with its denial of both God and the individual, never appealed to me as a way of life, and I doubt it was much good for the Russian worker, the Polish worker, the East German worker, or the Yugoslavian worker.

Yeah I miss the Soviet Union too. The gulags, the pogroms Stalin put in place that cost millions their lives, and the fact that these fucks never practiced what they preached, unless what they preached was mass murder and turning humans into slaves of the oligarchy running the state. And of course, lest we forget, there was the export of communism to the rest of the world, resulting in such festivals as Pol Pot murdering a third of his nation’s people, the Kims running a dynasty that has turned North Korea into longest lived prison state on the planet, or the reinvention of the Jihadist movement by the KGB.

Man do I miss the Soviet Union too. Fucking idiot. It’s not accidental that excuse making scumbags, in love with communism, like this idiot, always ignore the horror inflicted by communism. This ideology managed to murder over 100 million people and imprisoned billions, and the monsters running these slaughterhouses managed to pull this shit off in under a century. Of course, we always have the leftists pretend that the real evil and murderous lot was religion, and then, their focus is always on Christianity, never Islam, or for that matter any other religion, for a specific reason. When that fails to give them cover, they indubitably resort to pointing at fascism, which they managed to convince too many low information people was a right wing phenomenon. The fact of the matter is that fascism is just another side of the collectivist coin. Instead of the oligarchy pretending to represent the state actually having all the power, wealth, and the rest of the people amounting to nothing more than slaves of said oligarchy, as communism does, fascism hides the fact that the oligarchy holds onto the power and wealth while accommodating a larger class of privileged people whose access to power and wealth depend on remaining in the good graces of the oligarchy running the state.

The point is that you really have to ignore a lot of vileness and evil to pretend either of the collectivist ideologies that people have been made to suffer under have anything good to offer us. That includes the new hybrid incarnation of a kinder and gentler fascist system that the modern western world has been functioning under, while pretending to be under a capitalist system. More harm has been done in the name of good than anything else.

Communism was, however, fantastic for the American worker. It’s no coincidence that the golden age of American equality, that period from the 1940s to the 1970s when the gap between CEOs and employees hit its all-time low, was almost exactly coterminous with the Cold War. As any capitalist will tell you, competition is good for the marketplace. It forces businesses to create better products and more efficient services for consumers. The same is true for capitalism itself: as a means of raising the living standards of an entire society, it never functioned better than when it was forced to compete with a rival economic system.

Communism was not fantastic for the American worker: if anything, the argument can be made that it was fascism that was fantastic for the American worker of that time. After WWII, with the industrial capability of the rest of the world in rubble, the American worker lucked out like a bandit because America was the only industrialized nation able to put out the things the rest of the world demanded. It’s no coincidence that this advantage went away in the seventies, when other industrial powerhouses like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and several other minor players in Europe and Asia, finally rebuild their infrastructure and started competing in a space where the America, and consequently the American worker, had enjoyed a monopoly. But you can’t ever tell an idiot that has swallowed this nonsense that communism preaches ,cock and balls, all the way. And I said “preaches” because in practice, communism does exactly the opposite of what it promises.

Ask the workers that actually experienced the wonders of communism, or for that matter fascism, firsthand how well that bullshit the left is so enamored with paid off for them. No system that squashes the individual, under the pretense of helping the collective, while really benefiting a few credentialed elites, does anyone but said elites any good. That includes the crony capitalist cum fascist system we live in today. Our credentialed elite class keeps telling us they are doing things to help those less well off, but the damage their policies cause, while always enriching them in one form or another, can’t be disputed. Look at Obamacare if you need any proof of that.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Communism, while a useful foil for the careers of Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon, was never a threat to supplant capitalism here at home. There’s an instructive scene from the movie “Reds,” in which journalist Louise Bryant is defending the Bolshevik revolution to a U.S. Senate committee.

That was then, this is now. The only reason people like this feel comfortable saying nonsense like this is because they know damned well that low information voters don’t know McCarthy was vindicated after the fall of the USSR and that Nixon is a piker compared to Obama when it comes to criminal activity and abuse of power. There is no defense of communism. There is nothing good that came from it. And to pretend otherwise is idiotic.

Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev boasted of building a workers’ paradise in the U.S.S.R., but Americans actually lived in one: suburban houses and vacation cottages, a new car every two years, meat for dinner every night. One of our arguments against Communism was that it could not create wealth for the average worker, whereas capitalism could, and did. The United States also had to demonstrate that it was no longer guilty of the Gilded Age inequities that had made socialism look appealing even to Americans in the early 20th Century.

See how he skips Lenin and Stalin, as if they never existed? Those guys really helped the “workforce” by sending millions to their gulags, and eventually, to their graves. Khrushchev and Brezhnev were a lot better about it, but they too have lots of blood on their hand, and a lot of it is from non-Soviets. These two worked hard to export their cancer around the globe, and it killed a lot of people. And let us not forget that these fucks spread their disease across the globe. A lot of Asia, South and Central America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, all were seduced by the communist bullshit and billions were abused while millions perished, all for no real gain. It even managed to straddle the world that followed after the fall of the USSR with the radical Islamic movement. That movement was created by the KGB, with their first disciple, Arafat, pretending to appeal to religion and religious conviction to justify and commit the usual crimes the supposedly godless communists were also doing.

BTW, what I have always found is that socialism has looked appealing to anyone from oligarchy running the state to the bureaucrats that get their kicks from the power plays they can play, because it always allows all those types to do whatever they wanted under the guise of doing good. Socialism wouldn’t last long and be so popular, of course, without the bastards that are getting free shit, courtesy of other people, that keep the pretenders in power. Envy, jealousy, covetousness, all are powerful drivers to people that have been told that they deserve to get whatever they want just because they exist.

And I stress again that the American worker never profited because communism existed. That fallacy of an equivocation is idiotic. They prospered because the US had an unique advantage after WWII: its industrial capacity remained intact.

Few Americans did more to enrich the working class than Walter Reuther, the longtime president of the United Auto Workers.

The funny thing is that these union thugs are not much better than their corporate counterparts. Oh, the left loves to lionize these criminals and gangsters, but these fucks did far worse than the envied corporate overlords ever did or dreamed of doing. It’s blatantly obvious to me that the only reason the left remains in bed with the unions is because it has been such an effective engine at larding their campaign coffers and doing their dirty work. Even in this day and age, where the left likes to pretend the problem is capitalism, while ignoring that the problem is a system that has very little to do with capitalism other than the name crony capitalism, where big industry is deep in bed with the left, because they are easier to buy monopolistic privileges from.

BTW, how well has the UAW been doing for the American workers, huh? They, along with over 6 decades of a democratic lock on the politics of Detroit, managed to murder the golden goose. Things got so bad Obama had to use tax payer money to save his union buddies and the cash flow of so many democrats up in that area that depend on big union money to buy their elections.

To Reagan and his fellow ideologues, the Soviet Union had to go not just because it interfered with their designs abroad, but because its existence was an affront to the idea that there should be any check on the free market, anywhere. Previous Republican presidents had tolerated labor unions, because they understood that unionism was a practical alternative to socialism. To Reagan, that smacked of compromise with an ideology bent on undermining “freedom.” When the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization went on strike in 1981, Reagan fired the lot. His enemies called him hypocritical for supporting Poland’s labor-based Solidarity movement, while opposing unions at home. But Reagan saw no contradiction. Solidarity was fighting Communism. PATCO, the UAW, the steel workers and the Teamsters were fighting capitalism.

Wow, talk about your propagandist shit there. Reagan didn’t fire the Air Traffic Controllers because they were union and unions competing with capitalism so he wanted to bust them: he fired them because they violated the terms of their contract. Their strike was illegal. It was nothing but an attempt to hold people hostage for ludicrous demands, and he had warned them that he would not let that happen. Unions, which even the good old socialistic FDR said, should never be allowed near any government agency, had been abusing their power for decades when Reagan finally came along and put an end to it. They gambled that Reagan would cave, and lucky for those of us that had had enough of this shit, they lost.

The left would really love for people to believe Reagan was in the wrong for doing what he did and that he was an evil union busting bastard, but PATCO brought that shit on themselves. The UAW has practically destroyed the American Auto industry, and were it not for an unprecedented move by the Obama administration to bail out companies with tax payer cash while fucking over those company’s investors – which included many people with 401Ks and a lot of teachers – GM and Chrysler could very well be belly up today. Ford was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and bail on that shitcan of a deal. And lest you forget, the steel workers’ union basically killed that industry. Those are the indisputable facts. Unions destroyed the very goose that laid the golden eggs for the American worker. That’s what drove manufacturing out of the country too. And it is not coincidental that those few remaining manufacturing sectors that are still surviving are non-union.

Look, the unions had their day, and they were lucky that they had it during a period where America benefited from a unique situation likely to never come back again. Today the unions, especially the public unions, have become a huge problem for the American economy. They have been the one major factor that so much work has been offshored. Americans are not willing to pay premium dollar for basic commodities, so businesses have to keep these cost numbers down. That means they have to pay labor as little as possible unless said labor is worth the higher pay in productivity.

The places that most unions are currently entrenched are those where the labor is the least productive, costs too much, but is usually safe, because of some protection racket within government. These unions primarily serve to collect huge amounts of money in dues and to funnel a large share of that to the union bosses and the campaign coffers of democrats. The whole minimum wage war that Obama and the democrats are currently engaged in is nothing but a donkey tactic to boost the intake of these union mills so they can provide democrats with slush funding in what is ramping up to be a real bad election for democrats because of the damage caused by Obamacare fallout. More powerful unions will only serve to help elect leftist that will then do even more to wreck the economy than the unions and their demands would do on their own. What America needs is less of that shit and more people that will grow businesses so people can find jobs.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    This is why history isn’t really taught any longer – if the average person actually studied it they would know when a shit sandwich is being handed to them on a platter.

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  2. Hal_10000

    I see what he’s getting at. He’s admitting that Communism sucked but claiming its existence was good for America because the American labor movement and the rapid improvement in working conditions would have happened without communism. This is absurd, as anyone familiar with labor history can tell you. Labor movements long predated the Soviet Union.

    He’s also completely full of shit on Reagan. Reagan was a UNION man. He represented the actors guild for a long time and frequently sided with labor when they were right. As you point out, he didn’t fire the air traffic controllers. They fired themselves when they went on strike despite signing a no-strike agreement. To Reagan — I repeat, a UNION man — it was appalling for a union to endanger people’s lives and break their agreement like that. So he refused to tear up the contract and go to them on bended knee. This was despite his pro-labor sympathies.

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  3. Section8

    I miss Nazi Germany. Sure, there were some skirmishes and it was inconvenient for the Jews, but over all it was great for America. WWII got us out of the depression far better than all the socialist experiments FDR was trying, completion with the Nazis led to the technology that brought about space exploration, understanding of the atom, and such conveniences as air travel for the masses.Mind you I never visited Nazi Germany, but oh well.

    Seriously what is this guy thinking? The third world is a large source of labor for higher paying jobs because those countries are becoming more capitalistic, better educated, and aren’t just fruit pickers caught between two sides of a cold war, but hey those brown people should have just stayed in their place. The people of Eastern Europe aren’t our problem, so who cares if they live under an iron fist? Just more evidence all this caring bullshit from the left is simply bullshit.

    This country does have some problems with its economic set up to be sure, but it’s the growing merger between government and business that’s the problem, not because capitalism is a religion that needs a Soviet devil to survive.

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  5. hist_ed

    “This is why history isn’t really taught any longer – if the average person actually studied it they would know when a shit sandwich is being handed to them on a platter.”

    SO as I’ve said many times, I try to teach history in my history class. I have been criticized for doing so for quite a long time. Over the last few years I have been pushed into teaching less history and more touchy feely crap. I can tell you that over the last 8 years I am the only teacher at my school that spent more than a couple of minutes on communism. When they even covered it, most of the time others spent on the Cold War was on McCarthy and the Vietnam War (with most of that time studying the music and clothes and such of the hippies that protested it).


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