Pussified services and all that.

Man, every time you think that the bullshit PC environment can’t do more damage than it already has to the military services, you get stories like this one, and you realize the sad state of affairs:

Everyone at khaki call thought it was a joke.

But when a chief on the destroyer Jason Dunham told the assembled chiefs and officers that he was going to line up residents in two female berthings and make them march human feces down the pier to portable toilets, he was serious.

The chief was irate because the toilets in both women’s berthings had been used even though the ship’s sewage system was turned off for repairs during an overhaul, according to a Navy report.

The chief intended the task to teach the women a lesson in following orders and being considerate towards those whose job it is to fix the toilets. But to investigators, it crossed the line into humiliation and hazing that should have been stopped.

The Naval Surface Force Atlantic investigation found Cmdr. Kenneth Rice and Command Master Chief (SW/AW) Stephen Vandergrifft failed to take immediate corrective action when they had enough information to know lines had been crossed. Both lost their jobs. Officials pulled Rice’s command qualification and gave Vandergrifft nonjudicial punishment.

The report found that the decision to force 19 women, all E-6 and below, to clean feces out their toilets was an unsafe act of hazing. Navy Times obtained the roughly 250-page report via the Freedom of Information Act. Officials removed all names and titles except those of Rice, Vandergrifft and Cmdr. Michael Meredith, the ship’s commanding officer.

The incident was several days in the making, the report found.

The investigation found there were prior incidents of people using toilets that couldn’t be flushed, and each time a member of the ship’s repair division — damage controlmen and hull technicians — had to clean it up. The week before the incident, a sailor received the CO’s approval to make residents of the offending berthings help the hull techs clean up.

WTF? If these women are shitting where they shouldn’t, and this is the umpteenth time of this brown bombing exercise, I think this Chief had the right idea. If these stupid women can’t follow orders, they need to be disciplined, and shame is a lot less painful than some of the other shit they used to do back when this sort of bullshit would never have been tolerated. If you think you are too good for the “hold your shit” order, then don’t be surprised when you have to carry your shit out in a bucket.

Heck, if we were still into shaming bad behavior, we would have less of it. This would go doubly so about the shenanigans from our political class. In the meantime, the military is becoming more of a nanny service than a fighting force. I sure hope these sailors never have to face some real hardship, cause the pussified NAVY sure isn”t getting them ready for it.

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  1. Miguelito

    Yeah, I’m sorry but this is bullshit. They can’t follow orders (or listen to announcements/read postings/whatever) and the attempt to get it to sink in gets far more of a reaction? It’s not like they physically abused them. If you’ve ever stayed anywhere old enough to have an outhouse you’ve likely done as much, if not worse.

    Talk about first world problems.

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  2. TxAg94

    What a load of…well, you know.

    I think it speaks volumes about the problem when there was a whole multi-level “investigation” that culminated in a 250-page report. Don’t ever say we can’t find ways to trim the Navy budget when we have enough people to write a 250-page report on something like this. Those people sound like “non-essential” personnel to me.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Why someone would keep using a toilet system that was turned off is beyond my comprehension. Yeah, being forced to clean the system out is appropriate punishment – they should be lucky they don’t receive and Article 15 and get busted down a stripe.

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  4. TxAg94

    Oh yeah, hate to stereotype but if it hadn’t been women involved I doubt it ever would have gotten much attention. I’m all for women in the military but this is one of the prices we pay sometimes. The feeling of a need to “protect” them makes leadership do stupid shit.

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