Future Leaders Not Into That “America” Thing

There is much to be happy about today. Another banner day for the stock market (ain’t paper wealth grand?), we are not at war with Russia (yet), and here in the Bay Area it is raining. Maybe that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride that the country is on to self immolate with it’s economy is slowing down a bit. And then there is this;

OK, maybe it is bunker time.

Here’s the thing, most American’s really are dumber than, well, use your favorite comparison, there are many. We laugh when we see segment’s of “Jay Walking” where Leno goes out among the masses to expose the cavernous void occupying the brain cells of our citizens. What makes this video especially glaring is that they are college folks, you know, the best and the brightest, people that just took their required civics classes in HS so they should know the basics about our 3 branches, how bills are made, and how the government works. And yet, all is forgotten, un retained. Like a bucket that is full, if you pour more information in, like the name of that dopey song, something will sloosh out the other side, like how many Senators from each state.

And yet, they all can vote, and since voting is cool (the one time every couple a years where you can pretend to give a damn) we have people Like Obama running the show.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I think that this part of the educational curriculum has been deliberately sidelined, just so we could get a critical mass of useful idiots to nod their mush-filled little libtard heads and follow orders.

    Original political thought is something that was actively discouraged starting at puberty, best to let the teacher fill your head with the unchallenged “correct” thoughts and ideas (“pap” as I’ve heard professors call it)…

    I actually had one college professor who just fucking hated that – and he was the most liberal one on campus (not really saying that much – it was an engineering college filled with ex military). He actually wanted students in his speech and writing classes to express their own thoughts and logic instead of regurgitating what someone told them to think. End result, my brother and I were some of his favorite students even though we agreed with him on very few socio-political issues.

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  2. Section8

    Wow interesting. I’m not big of these types of videos though since they can be edited to leave out the other 50 people who could name a senator, but given these people are part of the “most intelligent and educated generation” this is alarming, but not surprising. This is what the left can’t understand about conservatives. We don’t despise education, we despise poor education. A piece of paper saying you made it though school doesn’t mean shit to a conservative if there is nothing to back it up. It’s the same logic that a 100 dollar check with 10 dollars in the account it’s tied to makes it a 10 dollar check no matter what the paper says. A concept the left can’t seem to grasp when they talk education. If the paper says you’re edumicated, then ur edumicated.

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