Do I Get A Free T Shirt With That?

Me being a big Free Market guy, I’m in favor of just about anything where supply meets demand, contract killing? Hey, if the guy deserves it who am I to judge? Exchanging labor or a service for money, the linchpin of societal existence. And most of the time when governments get in the middle of these transactions, it has little to do with societal norms or inflaming delicate sensibilities, but mostly because they want their cut, to wet their beak.

Although not the first of it’s kind, an enterprising college student has decided to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, I wonder if she takes American Express?

A 27-year-old medical student may have the prescription for instant Internet notoriety by auctioning her virginity.

The woman is using the name “Elizabeth Raine,” and claims to be a student at one of America’s top medical schools.

Raine hopes to net at least $400,000 from the bidding and is using an Australian agent to avoid breaking U.S. prostitution laws.

Hardly scandalous (or original), what makes this newsworthy is not the act, but the price, what glue has she been sniffing?

Does anyone really believe that she is a virgin or that no man has ever seen her naked? Also, whats the big whoop about taking anyone’s virginity? Somehow I think her offer is presented more to attract those gents that pine for more medieval times, like Muslims, who else would really care one way or the other?

“Money is my motivation, but by no means do I need the money. I’m pretty safe and secure financially,” she told

Adventure, eroticism, scandal and challenging norms about virginity also rank on her list.

She really thinks sleeping with a complete stranger, losing something you held on to for 27 years, with no guarantee that it will not be vomit inducing, is somehow adventurous or erotic? Hardly scandalous, women have been screwing for money for a few years now. She is not coming across as all that bright.

Not to denigrate the overall package, but I’ve been to Vegas enough times to know you can get a professional, better looking who actually knows what she is doing for a fraction of the price.

Some people might ask why she is doing this, because she can, because some stupid men (or woman, I guess, but does that count as losing her virginity?) will give her money, maybe even ,lots of money.

I admire folks who hold out for marriage. We have done a few posts on the Virginity Pledge in the past. I never made it, but then I wasn’t trying either, but anyone that places a value on their sexuality, whether it be for religious or personal reasons, that choice is up to them, they get to treat their body (either as a temple or a carnival ride) any way they want. Modesty, chastity and temperance, these should be honored, nowadays they are as rare as Obama actually honoring one of his red lines.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Already had a couple of virgins – they scream and sweat a lot, but I’d rather do a MILF that knows a few tricks…

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    With my generation, they were more likely to tell you that they’d already done it a couple of times when they hadn’t even been felt up properly yet.

    Completely scandalized our parental units that were of the opinion that only whores gave head, and it was handjobs only until they got a ring. You know, when girls that put out would suddenly go live with their out-of-state aunt who for several months for fear of their “reputation” being completely ruined because condoms frequently required a marriage license, a doctor’s prescription, and too many kids to count on your fingers already running around the house.

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