More proof the left is a bunch of economic illiterates.

This past weekend Matt Drudge of the famous Drudge Report website started a firestorm that had all the usual credentialed LSM idiots thinking they had scored a huge hit against a man they have hated for being instrumental in showing the LSM’s hypocritical status as nothing but a DNC propaganda machine. The controversy started with a tweet from Drudge about having paid what he labeled a “Liberty tax” in the case of the Obamacare penalty.
The credentialed fucking economic illiterate douchebags of course immediately accused Drudge of telling a lie
, and went after him something fierce. One after another DNC propagandist stuck out their neck to call Drudge out on his “lie”, stating that people paying taxes right now are doing that for the year 2013, and thus, with Obamacare’s penal-tax only going into effect in 2014, there was no way Drudge could be telling the truth. They were having a ball, thinking themselves the superior intellects, but the facts speak differently.

See Drudge is a self-employed small business owner, and as such, is required by the IRS to file his estimated taxes quarterly, in lieu of employer withholdings:

Estimated tax is the method used to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes and income tax, because you do not have an employer withholding these taxes for you. Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for Individuals (PDF), is used to figure these taxes. Form 1040-ES contains a worksheet that is similar to Form 1040. You will need your prior year’s annual tax return in order to fill out Form 1040-ES.

So when Drudge filed these withholdings, he filed them for the first quarter of 2014, which means he is required to pay that Obamacare penalty tax if he didn’t purchase health insurance, as every American now is forced through, under penalty of law and with the full coercive power of the federal government to punish him or her otherwise, or risk retaliation from the tyrants running the country these days. Tyrants, I should remind you, that have shown they are quite willing to bend/ignore/abuse the law to get their political enemies, and Matt Drudge is one of the top dogs on the WH list of enemies, and make them pay for defying the will of the new Emperor.

The problem here was that the credentialed douchebags in the LSM are economic illiterate turds, more interested in protecting the emperor with no clothes on, than in getting the facts right, and they literally have no clue how the complex and idiotic tax system, especially related to Obamacare, really works. If anything, this shitstorm of stupid shows, yet again, that these idiots, like most leftards, don’t know how small businesses or self-employed people pay taxes. Why would anyone trust them when they just parrot bullshit from their masters in the DNC is something I never get.

This abortion of a bill, one that we were told had to be passed so we could find out what was in it, rammed through the donkey controlled political machine, on a purely partisan vote that required all sorts of sweetheart deals – deals that cost the US tax payers billions – to get enough votes for it to be passed, is an epic disaster. It is so toxic that the WH, in a craven display of disregard for the constitutional separation of powers, has willy-nilly made changes to its implementation, in order to avoid getting creamed at the polls in the coming election. Americans are going to be fucked over royally by this bill.

The only people making out are the few extreme cases that either had pre-existing conditions or had bad plans to begin with due to other such extraneous factors. It wouldn’t surprise me that the number of these people is less than 1 or 2% of the total population impacted. The rest of us will be hammered, and hammered hard, by this shit bill. And to top that insult to injury off, we will see drastic reductions in access and quality of coverage as well, as this thing plays out. But we are not allowed to say that, because the DNC’s propaganda arm will throw a shitfit and try its best to defend the indefensible. Fuck you communist scumbags and you power grabbing schemes and scams.

The ACA will make healthcare less more expensive and harder to get for practically all of us, but the left has no desire to let you know that. This was not about helping us, but about cementing their power over us. Don’t let them pretend otherwise. These credentialed elite have no clue how things work anyway in the real world, as you can clearly tell from therir reaction right now.

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