That Bastard Plays Rough

Not to be out done by dopey ban lists (seriously Mr. President, is that all you got?), Vlad has decided to have a list of his own;

Putin is set to respond to Obama’s sanctions of Russian officials with his own list. Several U.S. Senators and officials will be banned from visiting Russia, including Sen. Dick Durbin.
Putin is expected to release his retaliation list as early as Tuesday and while the final list is still being crafted, it will include top Obama administration officials and high profile U.S. senators, in an effort to roughly mirror the U.S. sanctions against Russian officials and lawmakers, according to diplomatic sources.

This is so bizarre. I thought an airliner disappearing without a trace for over a week was weird, but this tit for tat mealy mouthed pedestrian ,”You guys can’t visit us either” nonsense really takes the cake. Does Obama really think that Russian oligarchs give two shits about an American visit, or would be dumb enough not to close out all their US banks accounts when he threatened to do the same last week? We are witnessing the most blatant act of naked aggression since the Cold War, and we are playing “Hide The Visas” from these guys? At least Carter (the worst president in our history, at that point) figured it out once the Russians invaded Afghanistan, but this pathetic scared appeaser, once again he shows just how much he is over his head.

Sen. John McCain, who traveled to Kiev last weekend to meet with Ukrainian leaders, told The Daily Beast that he expects to be on the list and is happy about it.

“You think I’m not going to be on it?” McCain said. “I would be honored to be on that list.”

Oh, please, save it for your consolation speech in November, your poll numbers reveal you as road kill.

NATO, the UN, our own government, is there any wonder Putin is acting like he is acting. And does anyone really think he will stop at Crimea?

Gee, Putin gets the Crimea and he get stuck with the likes of Dick Durbin, a shrewd negotiator, that Obama guy.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    He’s still waiting for Jarrett to figure things out so she can write the words down for his next teleprompter speech. Of course, Jarrett’s worldview isn’t even close to reality, so this is going get a lot uglier for Obama.

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