Who Is The Dumbest Person With His Own Show?

Hint: He is probably on MSNBC

It is an interesting question to pose. Ass backwards ideology, misguided white guilt, bleeding heart progressivism, none of these by themselves qualify,wrongheaded as they are. Dumb is dumb, and like porn with the Supreme Court, we all know it when we see it. Some tells easily identified; a vocabulary that could fit in a shoebox, someone bereft of an original thought or concept, someone who can’t read, even a teleprompter with great big letters and itty bitty words, and someone who can’t project past the usual fall back of either racism or hate.

My candidate has the lowest rated show, like ever. He filled a much need quota over at MSNBC, and still delights with this Bill Buckley like mastery of the English language.

Never one to over prepare, he spends the majority of his air time parroting the president;

Granted he does not possess the proper Obama finger point, but as least he keeps the phrases he has to repeat down to a doable 3 or 4 word sentence. Some would say it is difficult to prepare a nightly show when you are constantly responding to racial dog whistles everywhere, jetting off to foment a little racial insurrection.

One feather in his cap, quite a coup if you think about it, was his sit down with Putin last week. Some real insight was obtained into the way an autocrat thinks. You can check it out here.

That Putin guy means business.

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