I Thought “Bossy” Was Verboten

It would be like plucking low hanging fruit to use a Nazi analogy when describing the all out blitz being used to deceiveconvince the folks on the efficacy of Obamacare. When you have unlimited funds to use, an unlimited and willing MSM to smooth the edges and run interference, and a whole generation (give or take) of voters willing to be persuaded by the Hollywood elites, how tough is it to convince them of anything?

It wasn’t bad enough to manipulate the usual Hollywood enablers into spreading the message, now they got their moms roped into the conspiracy;

How great would a PSA be to have a mom of someone famous say ,”You know, I raised my son to think for himself, to not be part of the crowd, convinced by groupthink and just another sheeple. As parents we love this country, are proud of this country, and understand that along with freedom not being free, the proper maintenance of democratic republic requires an informed populace. We taught our son to weigh the issues and make up his own mind, and that is why he thinks Obama is a lying bozo and his signature hunk a junk is not good for America. Too bad the rest of the Hollywood parents pussied out on their parental responsibilities and taught their kids that is is better to thought cool then be responsible”.

No, you nag me because, like all smelly progressives, you think you know better than me, what’s good for me. Butt out, OK? Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

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