Can’t say I am surprised

I have dealt with plenty of libs that have made the argument that stupid rednecks vote against their own interests when they don’t vote for nanny state democrats, the assumption being that nanny state democrats and their massive vote buying scheme is something that benefits people the left feels are too stupid to do things on their own. And you bet that rednecks, along with minorities, are all seen as people that can’t do anything for themselves and need donkeys to keep them alive. But if you really ignore the appeal to emotion and look at facts, you get a different picture:

The top five states with the highest income inequality rates all voted to reelect President Barack Obama, though no state boasted a higher rate of inequality than Washington, D.C. This ia according to a study released this week by

The study used data from the Bureau of Labor statistics to measure how many times more money the top-earning income bracket of a state made than bottom earners. Researchers compared the top 25th percentile earner to the bottom 25th percentile earner and divided the sums into each other, then ranked states by number. California, in which a top 25th percentile earner makes 2.55 times more than a bottom 25th percentile earner, is by far the most unequal state, followed by New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and President Obama’s home state of Illinois.

In Washington, D.C., however, a top 25th percentile earner makes 2.6 times the amount of money a bottom 25th percentile earner makes, which represents the biggest gap in the nation. Maryland and Virginia both make the top ten group of biggest gaps in income, and Maryland experienced the largest gap increase in the past decade of any state: 12.05%. Breitbart News has previously reported that eight of the 13 wealthiest counties in the U.S.A. are in the D.C. region. Texas and Louisiana are the only red states in the top ten.

Can’t say I am surprised. I do have to point out that D.C. isn’t a state however, but it is definitely a democratic stronghold the left would love to make into a state. I live in a blue state where the gap is brutal and blatant. Some of the biggest donors to the democratic machine are the loaded fat cats that live in Greenwich and Fairfield, commuting to NYC to do their thing. Then you have cities like Hartford, Bridgeport, or Waterbury that have the bulk of their personal residents sucking on the government’s teat, and do nothing but make more people to suck at the government’s teat, be the welfare or the prison system. This last group also votes for democrats. In fact, they vote for a living. The rest of us in the middle get the shaft. The state is hemorrhaging money and skilled people, the economy keeps shrinking, people keep getting laid off, and the democrats keep doing more of the same while pretending they are actually trying to help. And yet, these two blocks keep these crooks in power.

One could make the argument, based on facts, not the usual emotional drivel, that if anything, the states that elect the class warriors are the ones with the most inequality and the worst economic conditions. And these are clearly caused by the class warriors and their policies. From minimum wage hikes that cost the young & inexperienced, especially amongst minorities, to have limited employment opportunities, to insane and rigged pro-business schemes to favor those industries they want to see win and anti-business practices, mostly based on insane taxation, to destroy the businesses they don’t like. Especially upstart small businesses that might compete with their favorite big crony corporation’s monopolistic grip on the serfs. It is not coincidental that the businesses they favor are the ones that donate big to them.

In the quest to force equality of outcome, while making sure they succeed far beyond anything they would have been able to doing honest work, the class warriors have produced exactly the opposite of what they promise, and have done so while causing economic ruination. And it seems that the places that suffer the worst from their practices are the ones more likely to keep them in power. Look at Detroit, Chicago, or Washington D.C. if you doubt me. If you ask me, these people are the ones that vote against their own interests.

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  1. Hal_10000

    I wrote about this a while back. California is becoming a liberal apartheid because of the massive income inequality while wicked ultra-religious red-state Utah is actually the most egalitarian state in the union.

    Whatever it is Democrats claim they want to do, they always manage to accomplish the opposite.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Whatever it is Democrats claim they want to do, they always manage to accomplish the opposite.

    That’s precisely the issue Hal. I used to think that it was just stupidity that kept them at it despite the terrible track record. Now I am starting to think that this was the desired outcome from the beginning and that they are just playing the rubes.

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