Taxing My Patience

“Don’t Steal. The government doesn’t like competition.”

Tax time, and boy am I grumpy. Getting bung holed without the courtesy of a reach around, that is what tax season means to me. Much like the guy that pays tens of thousands over the years in car insurance yet never once filed a claim, this is how I feel, thanks for nothing. I guess some measure of recompense could be gleaned if my sacrifice was going to something noble, like paying off the debt, a little pain now for a lifetime of solvency later. But no, I get no satisfaction from paying for the privileges that others get for free, then having them laugh at me for being a sucker.

And things are no better across the pond;

I understand the standard facile comebacks; time to get a rope, buy more ammunition, and stockpile supplies, I even get using the obscure Jefferson quote about the tree of liberty and what is required for its nourishment, but the situation law abiding tax paying citizens find themselves in is getting intolerable real quick. Paying taxes only works if our government is competent and trustworthy, it ain’t, so in my mind they have already broken the bond or the contract we both agreed to.

The risk of prison or me being removed from my comfortable lifestyle, even while getting bent over and rectally violated, limits my options. But the next generation, or even this one, should not be so passive. I am up for a revolution…………as long as I’m home by dinner.

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  1. AlexInCT

    I make it a point to allow the Feds to only keep the minimum I can get away with and pay them in April, because I can do far more with my money than them. Then again. I am told most people don’t have the discipline to not spend the money when they get it. The state is a different matter. They always end up sending me back a couple of thousands because they withdraw way too fucking much. Man does it piss me off they can keep so much of my money for a year.

    I see absolutely no benefit from the money they take from me. My property taxes paid for my kid’s schooling, and he is now done and I am still paying. No biggy. The roads and other shit they pretend we couldn’t live without the government for are a disaster and barely usable. I doubt Social Security will be around for me to collect anything of worth for. I consider that money pissed away in a pyramid scheme that would send anyone but the government to prison. I don’t have a need to suck at the government’s teat because I remain employed. The only interaction I have with them is me forking over money to them, hopefully so they leave me alone to live my life. And they keep pissing away that money, both at the federal and state level.

    Unsustainable it is, but the left would rather destroy the world’s economy and the prosperity we gained in the last couple of centuries than admit they are wrong and the systems they have foisted on us need to be done away with or modified so they are no longer vote buying schemes that perpetuate dependency.

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