Flee, Flee for My Life!

OK, look. I understand that people sometimes freak out in dangerous situations. I understand that having one gun, let alone three, stuck in your face can provoke paralyzing fear. But …. seriously?

This event involves a couple in Annapolis, Maryland who were leaving their residence on some very important business. The girl was in the final weeks of pregnancy and had gone into labor. Her “boyfriend” went out with her to head to the hospital. That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

The couple was confronted by three men with guns as they left an apartment on Copeland Street early Sunday. When the woman’s boyfriend fled, police spokeswoman Cpl. Amy Miguez says, the suspects tried to get the woman to let them into an apartment, but she didn’t have a key.

That’s when two of the men took off in the woman’s car, Miguez says.

You not only abandoned her in the face of imminent violence, but you took the keys, too? She couldn’t even get back into your home. And once the car was stolen, she was essentially left on the sidewalk, wracked with labor pains. How does one wake up in the morning after delivering such a performance in a crisis and even look in the mirror?

Look, we all entertain fantasies of what we would do in a crisis. Confronted with a real situation, most people tend to freeze up. I’m pretty sure if three guns were stuck in my face, I’d be handing over my wallet and asking them not to hurt me or my wife. But I think we can all agree that this is a step above and beyond crapping your pants or something.

I hate to read big world things into isolated incidents, but I do wonder if our society’s pathological emphasis on avoiding all risk, always deferring to authority and never standing up for yourself played a role here. Have we really gotten to the point where running away is more instinctive than protecting a woman and unborn child? I’m not saying he should have started kung-fu fighting and gotten shot. But at least not running away would be a start toward honor.

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  1. Nexus

    Wasn’t there another pregnant woman recently robbed at gunpoint on her way to the hospital? Or is this the same incident?

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  2. TxAg94

    Occurs to me that they aren’t married because he (probably him) has commitment issues. Regardless of reasons people give for it, the facts are that one or both likes the idea of an “out” to the relationship. She’s pregnant by a man who wouldn’t commit so she shouldn’t expect more. For him, he cashed in his “out”. No doubt he should be castrated for it, just saying that based on their relationship it’s not really a surprise. We’ve made relationships, even with children involved, as disposable as worn-out cell phones.

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  3. louctiel

    I have been thinking about this off and on since I saw it and I have to say that while I am not sure the guy made the right decision, I am not sure he made the wrong decision either.

    The last thing that robbers want is someone outside of their sphere of control that knows someone is being robbed.

    When the boyfriend leaves, we don’t know (because neither the HotAir article nor the AP cited AP article says) whether the boyfriend called 911 which brought aid faster than if he had stayed allowing the punks / thugs to steal his phone, gain entry into the apartment (where the couple could be taken and traumatized further), been tied up, and then had their stuff and car stolen.

    It seems from the article that the punks / thugs didn’t get away for long and I wonder just how much, if any, the boyfriend actions contributed to that.

    We just don’t know.

    While it is easy to say the guy should have stayed, the course of action he took may have been the better course considering the possible outcome (see above) and the actual outcome.

    (As a side note, even if the boyfriend was armed, Maryland is a “must retreat” state and any type of “stand your ground / castle doctrine” law does not extend outside of the home. I could be wrong, but I think I have that right.)

    I just don’t think there is enough information to make a decision as to whether this guy acted cowardly or in a smart manner which resulted in his girlfriend and child being safe.

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