Why do we need new rules for this?

I seriously was baffled that we have to pass new laws to punish government workers abusing power at the IRS. If you have been living under a rock, this is about the IRS specifically, by orders from up on high, targeting the enemies of the Obama administration for political reasons. From the article about the new laws:

A comprehensive tax-reform plan House Republicans will unveil this morning takes dead aim at what Republicans perceive to be the IRS’s persistent abuse of its authority. According to Republican aides familiar with the plan, it will curb the power of the nation’s tax-collecting agency, something Republicans have attempted to do since the agency admitted to improperly singling out conservative non-profit groups last May.

The legislation, authored by Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp (R., Mich.), introduces reforms that directly address the circumstances that led to last year’s scandal. The specter of Lois Lerner looms large in the minds of many Republicans, and the plan mandates the termination of any IRS employee found to have taken official action for political purposes. The 1988 bill that restructured and reformed the IRS spells out ten actions for which the IRS commissioner must terminate an agency employee after an “administrative or judicial determination” that the employee has committed the prohibited action — among them, providing a false statement under oath on a matter involving a taxpayer and violating the rights of a taxpayer. Today’s bill would add the commission of politically motivated acts to the list.

I guess this is why Obama told us there was not a smidgen of a scandal related to the abuse of power at the IRS. If we need to pass a law that prevents IRS employees from using the office to further the political agenda of one party, obviously it means that the IRS going after the enemies of the state, which in the banana republic we have been living in for the last 6 years, by default are the political enemies of the people in power, is not illegal. So, I guess, there is no scandal. But I can’t help but feel that the other political party, even if falsely accused of this or done a fraction of what we know was done, would not have been given this kind of a pass. Nixon says he wants to unresign. After all, he was hounded out of office by the press for just asking the IRS to do some dubious shit. Obama and his people ordered the abuse – let’s stop pretending otherwise please, because you have to be a fucking lying asshole to still think these orders didn’t come from up high – profited from it, and now have a press that is covering up for them.

How do we spell banana republic again?

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