Biting The Hands That Fed You, Twice

I don’t watch the late night talk shows, after some recreational reading I’m out by 10, but the more I hear about Fallon (Jay’s replacement) it’s clear that the Obama’s just got yet one more megaphone to disseminate their propaganda. Too bad, since Jay was somewhat balanced, but now the the late night hosts can just run with whatever the rant was at MSNBC.

The other night the FLOTUS was on his show doing some active enrolling for Obamacare, when she said this. Fallon should have mentioned that the “knuckleheads” handle kitchen knives much better than a voting booth.

Here is a response from one of the recently aggrieved;

Now that is going to leave a mark.

OK, no cracks about his major or his choice of academic institutions, those jokes can write themselves. But the substance of the rant was dead accurate. Without the low information voter, the voter enticed by free stuff, a younger generation voter that does not pay taxes, and the youngsters who were raised thinking they were special and were entitled to a certain (higher) level of existence, regardless of if they could pay for it themselves, without their help the Obama’s would be in Hawaii now writing their memoirs.

College life is hard, with minimal hand holding, you have to have your act together to make it out of there, but as in an earlier post that I wrote, there exists today in this future generation of leaders, folks who understand the complexities of life and the perseverance needed to excel, not only in their avocation, but also in being a good responsible citizen.

No doubt Michelle would say she was just trying to be funny and hip, but she is one these shows like 3 times a week, you would think she would be more polished by now.

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  1. Dave D

    Did the amount of obvious editing that knucklehead had to do to that straight reading of text bother anyone else? I think we just coined a term for the generation that elected bHo.

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