The stealing has already been going on

I know, Obamacare has already robbed us tax payers of billions, but we now have our first case of a donkey insider allegedly getting caught stealing. This bird must be either inept or have fallen out of favor with the establishment for being brought in front of a judge.

The former Billings-area director of a federally funded nonprofit housing organization pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal charges that she stole from the program.

Christa Ann McClure, 51, of Denver, pleaded not guilty to an eight-count indictment for fraud and theft.

The indictment accuses McClure, who was executive director of Housing Montana in Billings, of embezzling money from a rural development grant program and from homeowners in the program from about April 2008 until April 2010.

The indictment did not specify a total amount embezzled but said it was more than $5,000.

In October 2007, Housing Montana received a $514,454 grant from a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to build 22 homes in two phases.

In a Gazette story about the program in 2009, McClure said the program was building the first 11 homes in a West End subdivision and that qualified homeowners had to invest 35 hours a week laboring on their homes and on homes of others in the program to receive funding help.

The telephone number for Housing Montana has been disconnected.

She must not have done all the right things to keep in the higher up’s good graces. Poor shlob.

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