Republican wins San Diego Mayoral race

Despite a massive campaign effort to turn out the vote, enormous amounts of funds being poured into the donkey candidate’s campaign coffers by public unions, and a concerted effort to smear the republican candidate in San Diego, he ended up winning. Granted, San Diego is borderline republican – as those things go in California – but the donkeys went all out on this one. From the article:

SAN DIEGO — Republican City Councilman Kevin Faulconer won a decisive victory over Democratic Councilman David Alvarez in the San Diego mayor’s race Tuesday, signaling a new chapter for the city after the scandal-plagued tenure of former Mayor Bob Filner.

Faulconer had 54.5 percent compared to Alvarez’s 45.5 percent of the vote with all precincts reporting. A Faulconer victory breathes new life into the local Republican Party by restoring its control of the Mayor’s Office that its candidates have occupied for much of the past four decades. Faulconer also becomes the only Republican mayor of a top 10 U.S. city, making him one of the party’s highest-profile leaders in the state.

The results dashed the hopes of Alvarez to become San Diego’s first Latino mayor and its youngest in nearly 120 years. It also blunted a push by Democrats to have a like-minded mayor join the party’s 5-4 majority on the City Council to shepherd a new era of progressive politics for America’s Finest City.

Sounds like the people of San Diego were spared a real nasty comeuppance with that progressive agenda crap. Ask the rest of California how well it has worked for them so far.

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  1. Hal_10000

    San Diego has been more Republican than not. Seven of the last nine mayors were Republican. Faulconer is also a moderate. So this isn’t really that much of a surprise.

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  2. Miguelito

    I’m a little surprised, only because the unions outspent for Alvarez by a pretty wide margin, I figured the fix would be in too considering there was a ton of campaigning for him in Tijuana too. In the end, the margin was nowhere near where polls had it in the last days though.

    Btw, check out this cool visualization tool and note how the bulk of Faulconer’s money was local (with a small chunk from Chicago?) while Alvarez got most of his from Sacramento and DC (out of town unions). The list of large donors when sorted by highest amount is dominated by unions for Aalbarez too. Yet the ads tried to portray Faulconer as the big business, rich guy. Some mailers pointed out that he’s a member of a yacht club *gasp*. The hilarious ad on the radio that was a minute of how Faulconer is nothing but a person bought and paid for by special interests, with 23 seconds of said 60 listing the unions that paid for it, was awesome.

    Let’s just say the whole race has been… Interesting.

    Oh, Alvarez backing out of a radio debate at the last minute, lying to the face of the guys at the radio station about it (or his number one campaign person if he somehow didn’t personally know., which shows what kind of people he’d surround himself with anyway) and that same campaign person acting nice while crafting and sending out a press release before the interview that took place instead was even over… Painted a pretty good picture of the guy. Said press release completely lied about the situation too. Shocker I know.

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