European Pussies

Before I get in to the meat of the post, feel free to substitute European for liberal, progressive, or any thin skinned crybaby who makes a living out of victimhood and somehow thinks he/she should be protected from the world meanees out there who just might hurt their feelings, there.

There is a faux outrage story making the rounds about European sensibilities getting irritated by an ambassador making an off color comment. This whole episode gives new meaning to “Tempest in a teapot” and “Mountain out of a mole hill”. The fact that this caused even a hiccup on their outrage meter indicates an even greater degree of sissyness than even I imagined;

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage on Friday over a leaked conversation in which a top US diplomat used the f-word to disparage the European Union’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine.
The candid remark by the US State Department’s most senior European official threatened to drive a dangerous wedge between the allies in the midst of one their most high-stakes diplomatic tussles with Moscow since the Cold War.

Ho hum, get a life, Merkel.

So, someone, expecting a certain level of privacy considering that it was a private phone conversation said ,”F@ck the EU”, alert NORAD, we are at DEFCON 1.

But the leaked phone call hinted strongly at Washington’s mounting frustration with the Europeans’ handling of Ukraine’s worst political crisis since its independence in 1991.

Our frustration? Can you imagine the EU’s consternation over Obama policies over the last 5 years? Talk about frustration. I imagine that same F word bandied about several thousand times within their neat little circle of phone conversations, who cares?

The US State Department immediately pointed an incriminating finger at Russia for allegedly bugging diplomats’ phones.
“Certainly we think this is a new low in Russian tradecraft,” US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Where is the European outrage over this?

See, this is why we need an adult/rational conversation over NSA practices. I want my government spying on EVERY foreign nation out there, friend or foe. This nonsense about gentlemen don’t spy on other gentlemen, if national security is the goal, and factoring in that each country must look out for it’s own national interests, then knowledge is power and what the other guys are doing and thinking elevates our own security.

This also cements (as if anyone needed more proof) that fact that Russia will always be our enemy. Their interests are in direct opposition to ours, we can make nice with them but like Bill Clinton, we would never let them baby sit our kids.

The events going on in the Ukraine are noteworthy, and yes, Russian meddling is bothersome. But I am for letting things play out. Jefferson talked about the tree of liberty and what is required for its refreshment. When the folks are pulling one way and the president, enticed by Russian carrots, pulls the opposite way, a tussle will naturally ensue. This is more a EU fight than ours and we should do whatever we can to assist them is drawing the Ukraine away from Russian influence, but this whinny sanctimony over, “F@ck the EU” only bolsters the notion that they really don’t know what they are doing and need even more hand holding from us.

You guys want to leave the kid’s table and start eating with the adults? grow a pair, forchrissakes.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Agreed. “Fuck the EU” is something I think every European has said at least once in the last three months. And I understand their frustration. The President of the Ukraine is trying, illegally, to pull them back into the Russian sphere of influence (apparently the murder of 10 million Ukrainians was a misunderstanding) and the EU is doing nothing.

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  2. AlexInCT

    There is a faux outrage story making the rounds about European sensibilities getting irritated by an ambassador making an off color comment.

    Remember the days where the members of this administration could do no wrong and we where being told how the world pined for a change from the cowboy and his people? I suspect there are lots of people that have realized the emperor has no clothes, and hence we get this shit. Yeah, the Europeans are full of it, but that they are reacting like this doesn’t bode well for our masters.

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    I have encountered a German lady , who was in a totally pissed off mood about this, but then again EVERYTHING the USA has done in the last 60 years seems to piss her off. She had a very PRO EU attitude that bordered on a nationalist fervor.
    really disturbing..
    now i been watching this Ukraine situation deteriorate over the last few months. What i fear is that Putin will see this as a chance to flex his mussels and send the old red army back in to reclaim what was part of Russia for hundreds of years and of course protect Russians who have been endangered.

    I mean, whos gonna stop him?

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