Now that they have read it..

So, remember a few years ago when Pelosi was telling us we had to pass it to get the details about it and the CBO, given a nice pile of bullshit lies told us this thing would reduce the country’s deficit, AND reign in healthcare costs, AND get more people on it? Remember the days where a bunch of smug scumbag marxist told us that after passing the ACA on a strict party line vote that they had just made America better? Of course many of us that know how to do math – the real thing, not the new age shit they teach kids these days – and live in the real world looked at the available details and called foul, only to be ignored.

When we pointed out, for example, that the CBO was being told to factor in a decade of tax collection, while only factoring in ACA expenditures for 4 or 5 years, we were ignored. Pointing out that the left’s interpretation of the law was, amongst other incredibly dishonest and shady things, double counting savings from Medicare, which it was going to have to gut in the process, was dismissed as pure scare mongering. Laughing our asses off at the pretense that government was going to suddenly tackle wasteful spending around the existing and soon to come healthcare industry changes, after not doing anything about it for decades, only served to brand us as heretics. And when we pointed out that there was no fucking way tacking on some 20 to 40 million new people – depending on who was estimating the number of unemployed and if they were counting in all the illegal aliens sucking at the government’s teat – wouldn’t result in a massive spike in wasteful spending, but put a massive strain on the already over taxed system, they accused us of wanting to starve children, kill old people, eat babies, and drink the blood of women, after raping them. OK, I admit that I am not being totally honest there, as what the left said was far worse. But those of us that pointed out that it looked the ACA was conceived to destroy the existing and working healthcare system are being vindicated by the facts.

The point was that they rammed the ACA down our throats on a mountain of lies, and left was ecstatic about that, and could not stop rubbing everyone’s face in it! Then this thing started rolling out, and we started seeing all the predictions come true. The left tried to pretend that “the ACA abortion of a enrolment site was just botched”, when it was blatantly obvious that the thing was like a stake through the heart of a vampire. And a vampire is an apt comparison to this blood sucking evil law. Apologists for these scumbag marxists kept acting as if the millions that lost their insurance was just an oversight, instead of it all being known and planned. And millennials turned on this bullshit law when they realized it was going to screw them the hardest. The slew of problems tied to this government takeover of the healthcare industry piled on and on. And this was only the impact of the individual mandate! What’s to come when the employer mandate goes live is worse. We already see how employers started making everyone they could part time workers to avoid being screwed by the ACA. And those are the lucky ones, as some point out that it will be the end of employer sponsored healthcare, as predicted.

So fast forward to now, and we get a new CBO report that shows that the ACA will have a huge cost on our economy. That deficit savings is now a drastic increase to deficit spending. But worse of all over 2 million jobs will be killed. We can keep pretending that this level of ineptness, the campaign of lies compounded by more lies, and the disastrous consequences to millions of Americans is all coincidental, or we can finally admit that there may be some truth to the fact the plan was to destroy the system all along, because the left really wants healthcare to be government controlled. It’s the need to pick winners and losers and to expand government’s power and control of the serfs that drives them, and control of access and care is the ultimate goal that drives the tyrants hiding behind the “social justice” agenda.

Break the system beyond repair, and the only option we are left with is to let the nanny states, which are the ones that have been undermining it and have put the finishing touches on the plan to finally break it, take the whole thing over. These people are evil, and we need to stop pretending otherwise. No skin off my back. I can afford to pay for healthcare out of my own pocket. I guess I should worry about getting it in the US. Heck, I speak Spanish and I can head down to South America and pay a good doctor for decent care. The marxist loving cocksuckers on the other hand will have to take it up the ass as intended, and that’s a bit of a consolation prize. You would think that the class envy crowd would learn the lesson not to trust these leftist elitists, but they just keep on suckling at that cock to the detriment of all of us. Pelosi maintains her innocence, and blames everyone else!

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