Ban astronomy because they are racists!

Can you blame them for thinking astronomy is a racist study when they are costantly talking aboout brown dwarfs, dark matter and black holes? RACISTS!



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  1. West Virginia Rebel says:

    White stars are racist!

    Alpha Centauri is sexist!

    Red giants are an insult to big Native Americans!
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  2. Seattle Outcast says:

    Sadly enough, I’ve read sincere diatribes on this very subject, demanding that the very language be changed to satisfy those who find offense at slightest of reasons.

    These would be the same people the want “niggardly” removed from the language because they think that the word is rooted in racist connotations.

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  3. West Virginia Rebel says:

    Reminds me of this nonsense.
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  4. Hal_10000 says:

    Reminds me of when I was in school and we read some diatribe about about how “hard” and “soft” sciences were a reflection of the male state of arousal and suggested we change them to “wet” and “dry” sciences.

    I wish I was making that up.

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  5. AlexInCT says:

    I wish I was making that up.

    Oh shit dude, that’s just harsh and stupid stuff, but I hear it happens a lot more now a days.

    Fortunately for me my education was less exposed to this sort of nonsense, and I didn’t see much of this crazy shit until I did my masters. About the only classes I had issues with were a history class, with a lunatic prof that felt unless you read his book you new nothing, and a technical writing class tought by a young hot chick that was one of those hard core ultra feminists. She was real hot, and I ended up banging her, so I guess it was worth keeping my trap shut and letting her spout her nonsense. That history prof was another story though, but in the end he was forced to give me the grade I earned instead of the fail he promised he would give me for daring to tell him he was a pompous liberal ass in his class room.

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  6. hist_ed says:

    God Alex, try a graduate education program (or the average teachers lounge at any school in America). The shit I heard and continue to hear is astounding eg: Common Core standards are a reflection of the patriarchy because teaching is a traditionally female dominated profession and the male power structure needs to dominate females to further oppress their educational/power opportunities. Or some such crap.

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  7. Nexus says:

    Does anyone else feel like we are drifting into Ayn Rand’s Anthem?

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  8. Xetrov says:

    More like Atlas Shrugged, IMO.

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