Government attempt to create a gun database fails

Profiting from the tragedy that cost a bunch of innocent kids their lives at the hands of a mentally unstable person, the collectivist gun grabbers in the People’s Republic of Connecticut, more successful in using that crisis to help cement the power of an already bloated government than the feds were at the same, passed a host of unconstitutional gun grabbing laws. Only problem for the anti-2nd amendment political class is that even in a deep blue state like Connecticut, where the libtardedness runs deep and strong, things have not gone as planned. See, these collectivists have a track record of pretending they don’t mean to fuck us citizens over, only to then do just that, and thus, it looks like their attempt to force people to help them put together a gun grabbing registry, has failed, and failed miserably.

HARTFORD — Amid concerns about gun owners who failed in their last-minute attempts to register now-illegal assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, lawmakers are considering granting an amnesty period for people who missed the registration deadline.

The comprehensive gun-control bill enacted last spring required owners of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to register the guns and declare ownership of the magazine if they wished to keep them.

And guess what happened? The majority of them decided that they were better of not registering at all and waiting for this to end up resolved in court, with the likely verdict that state of the People’ Republic of Connecticut had violated their second amendment rights smacking this idiotic law down. That’s because these people know that allowing the marxist government gun grabbers to put together a registry was just the precursor to just that: an exercise in government sponsored gun grabbing. So now that their attempt failed, and knowing full well this law will not survive a legal challenge, they agents of the state think they have found an out. As the Courant reports:

About 50,000 assault weapons were registered last year, and close to 40,000 people declared possession of magazines – many of them doing so during the final days of December. But legislative leaders in recent weeks have raised concerns with the governor’s office that some individuals who attempted to register their weapons were prevented from doing so as a result of early post office closings on New Year’s Eve.

“It had come to my attention and the attention of others that many people who were attempting in good faith to comply with the law…were not able to because of what I would argue were circumstances not under their control,” said Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, who said he has been in discussion with other lawmakers about a possible amnesty period for people who tried to register but failed to do so.

Post offices closed at noon on Dec. 31, and as a result, “many citizens” dropped their paperwork in the mail on Dec. 31, but had it returned because it was not postmarked until Jan. 2, said McKinney, who last week wrote a letter to the governor’s office asking them to process the applications postmarked Jan. 2.

The governor’s office responded Tuesday with a letter to legislative leaders in which they maintained the law prevents them from processing the late applications.

Yeah, sure the reason you only had less than an estimated 5% of people register is because the post office was closed. Those other 95% just sent it late. And I got a bridge to sell you too. Fucking idiots. Most of the people that own these weapons the state was so desperate to build a database about are not died in the wool progtards, so they knew and know better than to register anything. Smart move on their part. Here is my prediction: that this amnesty thing will fail just as miserably as the original drive did and most people will ignore it. The non-idiots in the People’s Republic of Connecticut know better than to help the government get the information it needs to help it deprive us of our 2nd amendment rights. The morons that think this law was a good idea just don’t get it.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    There are just so many things wrong with the very term “assault weapon” as used by politicians. To start with, after-market accessories do not turn a gun into and “assault weapon” – it’s an “assault weapon” if it started life as a full-auto machine gun, and perhaps has a grenade launcher installed.

    My 10/22 with a banana clip, new stock, reworked trigger mechanism and bull barrel with a brake, is not an “assault weapon” – aside from increased accuracy, it’s still same gun as it started out as.

    Second, I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to have a gun registered in their name – it just gives these idiots ideas that they can come and take them from you.

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