Gates’ ME Move

I’ve commented before on posts how cool it would be to be fabulously wealthy, but not for the reasons you think. See, to really make a difference (about as much as one individual can) in whatever problem you think needs fixing, you need a platform, a method by which your words disseminate (which btw is real easy when you got bucks, just look at clowns like Soros or Buffett) but mostly you need the funds to target as much of the world as possible to get your solutions out there.

One guy that walked this walk is Bill Gates. Yeah, I know, another lib, much in line with guys like Ted Turner (who gave all that dough to the UN, what a dolt), who could really make a difference if channeled properly. But Gates has done great things with his pocket change, AIDs relief, mosquito nets, school supplies, digging fresh wells, vaccine programs, the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation has indeed made a difference in the world. Political leaning aside, true charity has no ideology except to make the world a better place.

Many times I have heard Gates spouting absolute nonsense. He is one of these world citizens (like Obama), those that look to the UN for guidance, a redistributionist who would rather give someone in poverty a fish, as opposed to teaching him to fish or even teaching him how to operate a fishing business in his village. We don’t need to go over the stats proving that the one bar none solution for uplifting poverty ravaged nations out of their plight, improving their economic outlook and raising all boats in the tide, is capitalism. Gates is slowly figuring this out on his own.

Yes, none of us can be good in all things, but with Gates, occasionally talking out of your ass is punctuated by playing chess the same way. This is rather amusing. Take a look at the video, I’m sure you got a minute to spare. Bill, take your time forchrissakes. Not saying I could last much longer, but hey, I watched “Searching For Bobby Fisher” enough times, why would you Castle in like the third move of the match? As soon as he brought out his queen, it was over.

Gates reportedly fancies himself as something of a chess buff, so the speed of this defeat certainly stung. On the upside, he does have an excuse to fall back on: His flight to the show was delayed and he had to rush to the studio to make it in time, which may have left him a bit frazzled. Also there’s the part where he’s a billionaire philanthropist. That probably soothes a few wounds.

Still, that was pretty pathetic. One lesson I learned in tennis years, ago, when things look hopeless, stall, your opponent might cramp up, what else you got?

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  1. Hal_10000

    I don’t know if I would quite describe him as liberal. He had a piece the other day ragging on the minimum wage hike, saying it was useless for fighting poverty. And he’s been good about disputing enviro panics.

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