This Means War

Having lived in the same house for 23 years now (the only original on a court of 5) I have seen my share of neighbors come and go. And as any homeowner can attest, having bad neighbors is a nightmare that never ends. I always made it a habit to break in the newbies early, explaining early on what it means to live both on this block and in this city, and what I used to do for a living, still being connected (that last part is a fib). Spending the better part of my life resolving conflicts among folks, I have found most(?) people to be reasonable if presented to them a solution that is not too difficult or requiring of great effort.

Came across this, this morning, having to do with neighbors, it will give you a chuckle.

Over the years I have known about half a dozen Aussies, and they have all been just like this guy, very delightful, funny as hell, and able to easily lend perspective to events.

I saw this a few months ago, another in that same vein, it will leave you laughing out loud. It really hits home because we all have run into people just like that, oblivious to the needs of others around them. Sadly, I read somewhere that it was all made up by the author, but it was still funny.

Usually I am pretty much non confrontational, figuring some folks are just thick and it’s not worth it. But hot button issues (littering, parking in handicapped stalls, line cutting, being a dick to waitering staff) will elicit some response from me, can’t help it. With some, calling attention to their “dickness” once and while is all it takes to civilize them, with others it is a lost cause.

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