Want to see what a real scandal looks like?

These days the fucking evil and corrupt left and their agents in the LSM are all abuzz about how the fucking traffic in NJ is a huge scandal, while real scandals and absolutely despicable abuses of power, pervasive everywhere and practically in every level of our bloated and collectivist driven federal government, go ignored or passed of as faux scandals. Case in point, another instance of a highly placed leftard hiding the fact the rogue and criminal actions of the EPA, under order from the green lovers (which reaches all the way to the WH) is ignored:

An oil industry analyst says the Environmental Protection Agency colluded with environmental activists to go after a Texas natural gas firm, and the agency’s inspector general whitewashed the issue in its report.

The EPA’s Office of the Inspector General last month cleared former regional administrator Al Armendariz of wrongdoing in the case involving a 2010 emergency order to natural gas firm Range Resources after it found elevated levels of methane and benzene — a carcinogen — in residential water. The EPA later settled with the company.

But oil industry analyst Steve Everley, who works for Energy in Depth, a public education project of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said the EPA’s watchdog ignored “the evidence that would suggest any wrongdoing on the part of EPA.”

Everley said Armendariz, who resigned in April 2012 under GOP pressure after being quoted as saying he would “crucify” companies that run afoul of environmental laws, colluded with activists on the order against Range Resources.

La-di-da! Another false investigation, where an insider and team blue player is put in charge of finding criminal activity, but of course, finds none, even though it is there, and blatant. Par for the course. So who wants to bet that in this case, they will not just tell us that the IRS did nothing wrong too?

This country has become a banana republic, and one administration is to blame for that. Our DOJ is run by a criminal, as is our WH. The left pretended we were no longer a nation of laws when Boosh was president, but we now have a real criminal in charge of the country, and they can do nothing but make excuses and invent things to distract the stupid sheep that vote for them from the facts. But yeah, the big scandal is that fat idiot from Jersey that pretends he is a conservative, and for which I am glad he will now not run for president in a couple of years, had some people block traffic! Fuck all you liberal scumbags pretending you have a leg to stand on. You are nothing but scumbags. Calling you hypocrites is insulting to hypocrites. If you want to see stupid and evil, look in the fucking mirror.

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