Yet another peril of social media

Frankly, the revelation by the WSJ article of the growing practice by credit lenders of trolling social media to counter check information is neither startling nor news to me. As someone that has been involved with several employee interviewing processes, at different companies, I saw the impact of social media on prospective employees back in the MySpace days. That practice has only become more widespread, and will continue to get even more mainstream. So it is no surprise that lenders are also hopping on the bandwagon.

People are stupid. The shit they post on their social media sites, even the professional ones like LinkedIn, is baffling to me. And the indignation people exhibit when the idiotic shit they post impacts them negatively, is staggering. Sure it is absolutely unfair to have an employer deny you a job, just because you posted a picture of yourself, on vacation, at a nudist beach, and had no top on. Doesn’t matter if you tastefully covered the good stuff up. It’s also stupid for you to not expect lenders to see you as high risk when you complain constantly about how you can’t pay your bills, but continue to spend like government run by democrats.

Hey, there is a very big reason I avoid most social media. That shit causes more pain than it does good, and while you think it is cool because it lets you connect with people, the down side, from the government to your employer, or potential employers, all the way now to credit lenders or other people hoping to rip you off, all can troll it, with ease, and gather information on you. Besides, the one time I tried it I only had the plethora of crazy bitches I had dated back when trying to friend me, and I can do without talking to any of them for the rest of my life. I may be a sucker for punishment when it comes to try and argue in good faith with liberals, but I am not a masochist and into getting tortured by women I figured out decades ago were better avoided.

Anyway, do keep in mind that if you need a loan, that potential lender could also be trolling you on social media. Even a bad joke can end up costing you.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    This is exactly why you should post you political and personal opinions behind a pseudonym – leave Facebook for pictures of food and funny cat videos.

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