With friends like these…

If you have missed it, the left and LSM have been trying real hard to agitate their greedy and envious base, around the fact that they, yet again, because of the destruction caused by their policies and laws on our economy, have to extend unemployment benefits. The left pretends real hard that they are motivated to extend unemployment benefits past 99 weeks – think hard about that insane number – because they care and are fighting the war on poverty, it’s all about helping the unfortunate, but it’s a giant crock of shit. The left is about helping the left gain and hold power. That’s the overriding agenda. Always was, and always will be.

The last 5 years of economy wrecking policies should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the agenda is too expand government and make the dependent class – those that vote for a living and depend on government robbing the productive to buy their votes – as large as possible. The left will never win the “War on Poverty”, because it’s not about stamping out poverty: it’s about control and power. They abhor anything that would cause economic growth. They hide behind the mantle of “social justice” and pretend that the reason they undermine anything that would yield economic growth is that they feel it unfairly enriches some while leaving others behind, but the real problem is that they despise the idea that they can’t control who gets to win and who gets to lose. These people, like the stereotypical insane jilted lover out for revenge, but pretending it is about justice, would rather burn the house down than allow someone else to improve things.

The left has no desire to fix poverty, and when they tell you they are working against inequality and to bring justice, your hackles should go up. Poverty, like the concept of “social justice” that it engendered, are just constructs that allow the left to appeal to the baser instincts of the idiots they manipulate to gain power: greed, envy, and the instinct to punish success they have not approved of. That’s why we have just as much, if not more of it, than we did when they declared they would tackle that problem. It’s like the proverbial false leftist meme that the pharmaceutical and medical industry have no incentive to cure cancer, because the money is in treating it (as if there wouldn’t be even more money in a cure), only in the case of keeping poverty around, it is the truth.

The bloated, ineffective, corrupt, and totally broken entrenched leftist bureaucracy that has sprung up around the poverty vote buying scheme is just too productive for the left to ever get to the point where it wouldn’t be needed. That’s why we now have them pretending that the people that say we need to stop feeding that Leviathan more victims and instead should focus on fixing the economy so people can take care of themselves, with dignity, through employment, are the ones that are bad or at fault. How despicable. Beware these supposed friends bearing gifts. The cost of their handouts is your soul.

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