When you are deep in debt and going broke….

Double down n the shit that got your there? Really? Most people’s reaction is to reign in the spending to what’s absolutely necessary, and to get things under control, because being a homeless bum living on the street isn’t something appealing to anyone that has the mental acuity to avoid it. Sure, some people end up homeless anyway, but they do so usually because something is seriously wrong with them, mentally, and they can’t control themselves. Well, when it comes to liberal government, put them in that “I am going to double down and end up a homeless bum” category:

SACRAMENTO — When he unveils his new budget plan Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown will propose billions of dollars in new spending on schools, healthcare, social services and environmental programs as California reaps the benefits of an economic turnaround.

The governor’s $155-billion blueprint would increase general-fund spending by more than 8%, to $106.8 billion. Brown also wants to repay $11 billion in debts incurred during years of state financial crisis, and he would stash $1.6 billion in a reserve fund as a buffer against future economic turmoil.

“Wisdom and prudence should be the order of the day,” Brown wrote in an introductory message to his 271-page plan, which was leaked ahead of his official announcement, originally scheduled for Friday.

Oh, lord! Where to begin? An 8% increase in spending, by a state that’s $11 billion in debt and in a financial crisis, on the same slew of liberal pet projects that got it in the terrible fiscal shape it is in now and have literally had a negative return on value of tax payer dollars pissed away, while slashing a reserve fund? What’s the definition of insanity again? Doing the same stupid shit, over and over again, and expecting that this time it will be different. And with progressive morons, it’s always the same. Of course, I have no doubt that Brown knows damned well that his plan, which is neither wise nor prudent, will not work, yet again, but doesn’t give a flying fuck. This is about funneling tax payer money to his buddies, democrat operatives, lobbyists, and campaign coffers, and about transferring wealth from other people’s pockets to those people he wants to gain. All while throwing some scraps to the usual low information dependent voters they rely on to keep them in power. What could go wrong, huh?

Color me surprised that Keyensian-marxist douchebags want us to believe that the cure to the probems they have straddled us with is for them to double down on doing more of the same. As Krugnuts always says: the problem isn’t with the idiotic idea that government spending provides effective and beneficial economic growth and stability, but with the fact that every time it has failed, it was because they didn’t burn up even more money! And what we need is more entrenched bureaucracy and regulation, because the roblem is that the unicorn fart sniffers didn’t micro manage processes they have no clue about enough. Oh lordy!

The document is also stuffed with far-reaching policy prescriptions, some likely to draw controversy. Brown wants to make it easier for local governments to issue bonds to pay for public-works projects, and he has reversed his opposition to releasing some elderly, sick and other low-risk inmates to help meet court-ordered limits on the state prison population.

Budget negotiations over the next several months will be crucial for Brown as he lays the groundwork for his expected reelection campaign. Lawmakers must pass a spending plan by June 15 so it can be signed into law and enacted by July1.

I see a strategy here though, that others might be missing: Brown doubles Cali’s debt in the next 2 years, leaving the state on the brink of bankruptcy, then asks for a federal bailout, all before Obama and the donkeys get sent packing in 2016, and presto, he has a big win courtesy of the US tax payers! Cause you never say sorry when it’s other people’s money you are pissing away. Go big, or go home! And now for some shit that should be good for a few laughs.

The governor has tried to maintain financial restraint even while acknowledging calls from unions and activists who want him to loosen the purse strings after years of deep cuts to social services and other government programs.

Brown ran for office in 2010 with a pledge to repair California’s faltering finances, which had become a national punch line. The governor persuaded voters to approve temporary tax hikes in 2012, and he has benefited from the state’s recovering economy.

Yeah, sure Brown’s been fiscally restrained. That is, if you permit an analogy, that you consider a crack whore now only popping 19 rocks a day, instead of her usual 20, to also be exercising restraint. What a crock of shit. But then again, look at the source of that propaganda. And who else does Brown and his promises remind you off? I give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t even count. Here’s a hint: dude told everyone in 2007 that he could walk on water and part the seas. Only, 7 years later he has drowned most of us not lucky enough to belong to his inner circle.

Things will never get fixed as long as these criminals on the left are allowed to rob the productive to keep their criminal enterprise in business. Californians beware. How soon till we can do the “I told you so” moment? Anyone want to start a betting pool? Be careful though. Brown might want to tax us for betting on him.

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