Do you think most people know this little tidbid?

One of the less reported stories out there is how many people are getting pushed by Obamacare into Medicaid. From New York to Illinois, to California, all liberal bastions where Obamacare has been pushed with great vigor, many are ending up on Medicaid. But there is a dirty little fact, one that I doubt many of these people pushed into Medicaid are aware of, and that is that they better not be homeowners that need nursing home care someday, because their state government can attach a lien to their home, to recover the cost. And you can bet your ass that once you are enrolled in Medicaid you are stuck there, likely until you die, and if you happen to own property, you can kiss that goodbye.

This revelation was frightning to me. I expect that most people pushed into Medicaid by Obamacare won’t have a clue. Sure if you don’t own a home, you have nothing to worry about, but how many home owners, or future home owners, are going to be aware of this fact and the impact it can have on their property and wishes for that property? And how soon before they change the rules to allow liens for things other than nursing home care? After all, they are going to be needing a whole lot more of other people’s money to keep this gravy train rolling, because the oone thing the ACA has managed to do is drastically jack up the cost of healthcare. For everyone but a few lucky people, that is.

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  1. pekka

    I don’t follow how this is a Obamacare or even Medicaid specific thing. Permanent institutionalization is expensive as shit. Eventually you’re going to run out of funds, and then your property is next in line. It’s cruel and heartbreaking (A close friend’s family went through this recently – in socialized-medicine Germany no less!), but that’s the way it is.

    What fundamental difference does it make whether it’s the government coming after your property, or the nursing home, or your insurance company?

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    The difference being perhaps you can file bankruptcy, or choose to sell your property on your terms. You could perhaps, just decide to forgo a nursing home, as many do, and putter around the home until you die, leaving the property to your heirs. Perhaps you don’t want the level and cost of insurance Obamacare forces on you – doesn’t matter, it’s what you are going to get, even if you are years or decades away from even wanting Medicare and/or Medicaid. Guess what, you’ve been stuck there. Good luck getting out.

    This is the government just coming over at their discretion to give you a nice hard buttfucking without lube and TAKING YOUR PROPERTY.

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  3. InsipiD

    My state didn’t take the Medicaid expansion that was offered, so the big city papers are running about one article a week about someone who would’ve been eligible for Medicaid if the state did the expansion (which only was federally funded for a year or so), without any mention of the increases in taxes or huge spending that would’ve come with it. The fact is that some people can’t afford insurance, and the rest of us can only afford it for ourselves.

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