Onward and Backward

I would review 2013, but why waste my time when Dave Barry does it so well:

Did anything good happen in 2013? Yes! There was one shining ray of hope in the person of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford , who admitted that, while in office, he smoked crack cocaine, but noted, by way of explanation, that this happened “probably in one of my drunken stupors.” This was probably the most honest statement emitted by any elected official this year, and we can only hope that more of our leaders follow Mayor Ford’s lead in 2014. (We mean being honest, not smoking crack in a drunken stupor.) (Although really, how much worse would that be?)

Read the whole thing and laugh.

For me, personally, 2013 was a great year. We welcomed Hal 11000 Beta into our lives and a bunch of our friends and family were also blessed with children. Science continued to plug along, the country continued to semi-function and another year went by without the Yankees winning the World Series.

In politics, what was most amazing was the turnaround in the President’s fortunes. At the beginning of the year, he was riding a re-election and had gotten the tax hike he so desperately wanted. Now approval rating is at its lowest point, Obamcare continues to struggle, the IRS scandal lingers and all the evil Republican tricks that were supposed to ruin the economy — the sequester, the shutdown, recision — haven’t.

Politics is cyclical. Doubtless, there will be dead-cat bounce at some point. But right now, it’s looking grim at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Thank your for reading our ramblings this year and having spirited arguments in the comments. May all of you have a great 2014.

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