Another reason I am glad I own an Android I barely use..

And that’s the fact that has backdoor access to iPhones. Forget the plethora of backdoor jokes and focus on the fact that the people at the NSA feel that spying on all of us is just peachy-keen, and that they likely are behind acts like this, to cover their own asses, with some even saying that the reforms might make things even worse for us people. Or ignore their ability to hack Wi-Fi systems from miles away, which they really don’t need much off I bet considering they they have an entire shadow operation to intercept and compromise electronics, anyway. The claim is that this is only directed at foreigners, for security reasons, but then again, the people getting nabbed by these highly unconstitutional operations seem to always be Americans. Sometimes it’s even American troops just having some phone sex with other people! Bonus points for the NSA pervs.

Then again, considering how big brother is in on everything, maybe they have my Droid just as tapped as they have the iPhones. At the rate this is going, I would not be surprised to find that they will start arresting people and accusing them of criminal activity after they put the evidence to make their case on their devices, and then, sooner than later. Maybe they have done so already. I doubt anyone is still wondering how this WH had confidential information on their political opponents that was not public before, so with one hand washing the other, expect more, not less, of this to go on. Welcome to the future, courtesy of progressives, I must add!

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