Desperate Bitchez!

When even the morons at P-MSNBC can’t report your attempt to coerce young idiots into doing something that in practically most cases is detrimental to them financially, without laughing at your stupidity, then you know you are a fucking idiot. Watch this video where the Scarborough meatheads discuss the latest leftard Obamacare propaganda attempt:

Tragic and retarded (no insult to people that really have been dealt a bad hand by life unlike these people that chose to make themselves stupid by becoming leftists) is an understatement of what this pajama boy initiative is all about.

Young people, unless they are really ill and can’t afford the cost on their own, will never have a good enough reason to join a system that just transfers wealth from them to others, unless they are being heavily penalized for not doing that. The unicorn fart sniffers are soon going to do just that: punish the young even harder, so they are left with no option but to sign up for the left’s latest wealth transfer scheme.

Epic failures seem to be the signature pieces of this administration, and yet, the left still wants to pretend these incompetent fools are intelligent and capable. At this point I think they would have an easier time convincing people that midget donkey porn is a tasteful art form.

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