Media angry at the WH, but for the wrong reasons, as usual.

Some of the DNC propagandists in the LSM are apparently wising up to the fact that not only does this WH not consider them as partners, but that they are considered as nothing but tools to be used and abused, and they are now somehow indignant.

Two truths rule the relationship between a president and the White House media in modern times.

1) The media will always want more access, no matter how much they get.

2) Presidents and their image-makers, especially those chief executives in the most trouble with the least confidence, will always seek to control the flow of news. Particularly images of the chief executive, which last far longer than mere words.

What makes the current festering feud between the press corps and Jay Carney of news interest is the now-familiar disparity between Obama’s over-blown promises and his chronically underwhelming delivery on those vows. Sentient Americans will remember Obama’s vow that his would be the most transparent presidential administration in history. Yeah, right. Remember how ObamaCare was going to be written wide-open on C-SPAN? Uh-huh.

Yeah, the main legacy of this WH will be the absolute disregard for either the truth or reality in their craven pursuit of power. It’s at a banana republic level, and the damage they have caused is banana republic level of incompetence and abusive. But the fact is that the press is why they are getting away with this despicable behavior. I know the question gets old, but does anyone see the press carrying the ball for someone from the other party even 1/10th as much as they do for these scumbags, if they belonged to the other party?

A problem with Obama’s rhetorical reality, often enabled by a complicit media since 2009, is that when the president says something, as far as he’s concerned, it is The Truth. You know, like keeping your doctor and health insurance if you like them. “Period.” Dozens of times. The Chicagoan is so surrounded by sycophants and access czar Valerie Jarrett that no one has the chutzpah to describe the discordant reality to The Boss.

It’s beyond the fact that these shitbags can’t drop to their knees and suck Obama and donkey dick often enough: it’s the fact that they are helping evil people destroy the country. Marxists suck ass. So now they are mad. But are they mad at something of consequence?

The media’s simmering unhappiness with this chronic violation of the government’s social contract with a free press boiled over last week during a briefing by Jay Carney. He’s one of many media members hired by the Obama team (including, don’t forget, former chief strategist David Axelrod, also ex-Tribune).

The confrontation was ignited by a stinging op-ed by Santiago Lyon, head of photography for the Associated Press. Using words like “manifestly undemocratic” and “hypocritical defiance of the principles of openness and transparency he campaigned on,” Lyon explained how Obama’s tactics work and denounced the pol’s systematic practice as far beyond normal procedures.

“By no stretch of the imagination are these images journalism,” Lyon wrote. “Rather, they propagate an idealized portrayal of events on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

That’s it huh? These lying and manipulative fucks are destroying the economy through wealth redistribution policies that are beyond despicable. Case in point the disastrous healthcare takeover by government and the fact that we have not seen a budget from the Senate in 5 years. As a direct result of their economic policies we see more and more people ending in part-time jobs, if they are lucky enough to keep working, and the middle class being destroyed by their wealth redistribution schemes. All while the connected rich, their buddies, are raking it in faster than ever. And the insane spending and money printing so they can mask the effects of their insane Keynesian bullshit policies? Yeah, that’s not a problem to worry about at all, as the country drowns in debt and a devalued currency, while they keep artificially hiding the inflation their policies cause. This will all end well for the little guy, I am sure.

These scumbags are also using the politically motivated and partisan controlled government agencies like the IRS and the DOJ, to punish those they deem as their political enemies, leaving us in a country with one set of rules for them and another for us serfs. And the abuse goes on and on. Whatever purely political scheme to rob tax payers of money that they couldn’t pass in congress, for fear of political retribution, they just have their agencies like the EPA do by fiat, in the most illegal and corrupt manner possible. Heck, they even use these agencies to funnel enormous amounts of tax dollars to agencies that use whatever convenient cover they created to hide the fact that our government is just enabling a wealth transfer under the guise of doing something else, and we don’t hear about this theft unless there is an epic failure involved (Solyndra).

And let us not forget how they are abusing the intelligence capabilities available to our country, on a level that the people they previously accused of tyrannical behavior could not even dream of, of all things to spy on law abiding Americans, whom they also want to disarm, despite the 2nd amendment protection from them doing just that. We are now all enemies of the state and they have set up the mechanism to target us should we cross whatever line they feel warrants putting us uppity serfs back in our place.

The list of abuses by the left and this WH goes on and on. And yet, the LSM now is finally indignant, not for any of these reasons, but because this WH won’t let them publish whatever pictures they want. Yeah, sure: our republic is in good hands. This is the bed the media made for themselves, and now they are uncomfortable sleeping in all the wet spots. Fucking douchebags.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Have we ever had such an inept, and dare I say “cluelessly stupid fuckatard assclown sockpuppet” as Jay Carney?

    The mere image of the arrogant little liar makes me want to hunt down his smirking face and reduce him to a bloody smear on the sidewalk.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Have we ever had such an inept, and dare I say “cluelessly stupid fuckatard assclown sockpuppet” as Jay Carney?

    When they jokingly compare Carney to Bagdad Bob, I feel like they are insulting poor Bagdad Bob.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    I was hoping somebody would bring that up. “Global Warming” keeps falling on its collective face, and the zealots with their career invested in it just keep screaming louder and louder at a world that has effectively turned its back on the scam.

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