The fix is in…

The media has been hard at work pretending Obamacare’s rollout has not been an absolute disaster, either ignoring the plethora of horror stories outright, or when they report, trying to put a positive spin to the whole giant mess. But the truth is that this thing is a disaster. We have seen poor idiots in Washington state be debited for care they are not getting, and in my own state, we have a whole bunch of people that had their cost lowballed. I have so far only had one person tell me Obamacare actually reduced their costs, and couldn’t confirm that, but everyone else has pointed out their costs have gone up.

I had me a giant laugh at the desperate left pretending that this absolute level of ineptness doesn’t mean government sucks. That they honestly feel the need to write this piece of shit article proves they know better. No private company that had botched their rollout of something this big and critical as badly as the team of collectivist idiots have done with the ACA would have survived. They would have been in court dealing with lawsuits and their bankruptcy filings. But we have no means to do that to government. When they fuck you over your only recourse is to bend over, grab your ankles, and ask for seconds. Maybe an IRS audit or a visit from the FBI will remind you of your place.

Obamacare needs to go. It’s a disaster of such epic proportions that the only people still advocating for this idiotic thing are the people fucking the rest of us over.

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  1. salinger

    My wife and I are saving 6K a year and have better coverage now. It does though seem the people who benefit the most are those who are self employed and the formerly uninsured.

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  2. TxAg94

    I’m of the opinion that we’re only beginning to see the suck. I think the policies that are being bought through ACA are hopelessly low-balled and will go up in the next few years. I could be wrong but I believe that all the providers who are hawking their policies on there are low-balling as much as they can to get people on THEIR plan. Once they’re on the hook they’ll steadily, or even abruptly, jack up the rate when the time is right. In essence it will be a lot like cable television. Great rate for a year or see but then look out!

    Secondly, I suspect many of the companies providing policies through ACA also service private companies as well. So my company-sponsored insurance is likely related to plans coming out under ACA. They have known this was going to suck since the beginning so our private rates have been going up astronomically already. I think, though, that it’s worse than even they expected so my rates will continue to rise to supplement the plans they’re selling through ACA. I may not understand how it all works, I don’t think they want us to, but I doubt I’m too far off.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    No TxAg94, you are not far off at all. This is just the beginning of how bad this will be. And the costs, which have gone up drastically since this thing became the law of the land, will continue to go up. Probably at an even more ridiculous pace than they have been climbing at for the last 3 or so years. These people want to control the money and the decisions, and for now, they plan to use the private entities to get them to first, then second base. Third base will be them eliminating the private sector, and they will slide us into home when they control it all – with the premiums we pay being collected by another ludicrous progressive tax that will jack top individual income rates to above 50% to 75% depending on your income, like they do in Europe, to provide sub par (if we are lucky) care – and we have no recourse.

    The plan from the start was to cause as much pain as possible and to wreck the existing system,. When premiums a few years from now are 5 or 6 times as high as they are today and the whole system is broken, government suddenly promising to “fix” everything through a single payer system that only costs 3 or 4 times what it costs now will sound like a big win for too many of the stupid people not able to understand they just got fucked up the ass again without the benefit of even a reach around. These fuckwads are downright evil.

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  4. TxAg94

    I will probably never understand how something that was created to lower costs is not judged an utter failure when it drove up costs exponentially before it even went into effect, spent all the promised savings and then some on the worst failure of implementation the country has probably ever seen, has cut millions from their promise-you-can-keep-it plans, and will only get worse. I HATE it when the Limbaughs and Becks say, “If this was Bush…” but I have to join them. If this was virtually any other regime we would be hearing about impeachment.

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