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  1. richtaylor365

    A couple things;

    Glocks rock, have owned them for years.

    Any commercial with Gunny in it deserves serious attention.

    Yeah, the safe under the bed is a bit circuitous, I would prefer in the night stand right next to the bed, but many states mandate all hand guns kept in a locked safe, this one is real easy to get into.

    This little missy has been trained properly, notice the proper stance, the proper hand placements, and NO finger on the trigger, she knows what she is doing.

    And although in some states she has a legal right to plug him the second he enters her domain, and in others active fear is a requirement for lethal force (she could make that case here) she shows initial restraint, proving to all those anti gun progressive types that it really is about self defense and not blood lust. This commercial gets an A.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Whenever I hear anything at the door, particularly after sunset, I have a weapon in hand when I check to see what it is. And there are very bright lights on around the access points to the house, and an alarm system.

    No kids, so firearms are distributed throughout the house in innocuous carry cases. All loaded.

    Of course, when the dog alerted to something a couple months back during the middle of the day when I was home with a killer headache and napping, the closest thing to grab was a katana that would cut through a steel barrel like it was a blade of grass, so that’s what I headed downstairs with.

    No, I don’t have any problems with intruders.

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    im kinda agnostic on glocks, i got a Glock 21, and its feels weird in hand, ill have to someday go and get me a 17 and 22 at some point. personally i prefer the Springfield XD series, over glock…… im still waiting for a Glock made Carbine…

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  4. Xetrov

    the closest thing to grab was a katana that would cut through a steel barrel like it was a blade of grass

    I’m guessing you’ve never tried to cut through a steel barrel with it.

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  5. hist_ed

    Got kids so the guns are locked up. My pistol safe is very similar to the one in the ad-can get it open in about half a second. The guns are upstairs in my bedroom closet. I am thinking of a second pistol safe in our laundry room with is right next to our front door. Either that or mount the 12 gauge above the laundry room door.

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