The Demons of the Demon Weed

Alberto Willmore was a beloved art teacher in Manhattan. Two years ago, police busted him, claiming a marijuana joint they found on the ground belonged to him. He then fell into a morass of legal system delays and education bureaucracy bullshit that he is only now just emerging from.

We think that the two million people in prison are the only damage out insane War on Drugs does. Watch the video to see what a “minor” pot arrested can do. This happens 40,000 times a year and 90% of the arrestees are black, even though blacks use marijuana at rates comparable to whites.

(H/T: Amy Alkon)

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The older I get the more I realize that nobody has any business telling you what you can do with your body. Morality laws are self defeating.

    The only people that benefit from this are the police industry and the prison industry.

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