Let’s not let the liars get away with it..

I have seen a well orchestrated and all hands on deck campaign by the DNC propagandists in the LSM to help this administration cover up the disastrous roll out of what will be the most destructive and abusive law ever foisted on the American people if it doesn’t get put down like the diseased thing it is. We get incredulous stories like this one on Yahoo pretending that they have actually fixed the disastrous website. What you don’t get told is that their “fix” basically required them to roll back the already decrepit site security, and we can expect a lot more of this. The fact is that the disastrous website rollout is the least of this law’s problems, and the reality is that things are going to get much worse. The lies about how you get to keep your healthcare if you like it was only the beginning. We now know that just the individual mandate has cost millions their healthcare. Wait until the employer mandate goes into effect! That’s when most of us will see the real shit hit the fan. This law has so many problems that it can’t be a coincidence that it sucks this bad. And these scumbags knew they were pissing on our legs and telling us not to worry because it was just warm rain.

The left used GHB’s Read my lips: no new taxes”, after they played him, and forced him to raise taxes, to get Clinton a win. What the left did with Obamacare, the “If you like your healthcare you get to keep it” is orders of magnitude worse of a screw job on the American people. Not only are most of us NOT going to keep our plans, it’s gonna cost practically all of us – with but a few exceptions – a lot more for the replacement, which despite the lies about it being a better plan will not make anything better. In fact, we will also not be able to choose the best spots to go for care as they are being excluded, keep our physician, unless we pay even more, and it will also destroy Medicare. See the big picture yet?

The ACA was never about fixing anything. It certainly was not about making healthcare affordable, or making it available to those without. At best it is a law put together by idiots and fools that couldn’t figure out that the real world would not forgive their mental masturbations. In reality it is now more and more obvious that this thing was put together to wreck our country’s healthcare system and the economy, all at once, so the left could then implement a single payer system, while making the largest amount of people possible serfs dependent on the state to survive. Don’t let these people fool you. This disastrous law and what it will do to our country proves they are inept or evil. I think it is both. These people need to be held accountable and they should not be allowed to screw us over.

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