Want to see a racist?

And I mean a real one. Let’s start with some background.

Williamson County State’s Attorney Charles Garnati earned a distinction among all Illinois prosecutors as he was sworn into office for his eighth term Monday. Garnati is now the longest continuously serving state’s attorney in Illinois, according to Patrick Delfino, director of the State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor Office. Garnati, a Democrat from Carterville, announced his bid for re-election Sept. 21, 2011. He ran unopposed and was elected to an eighth consecutive term as the county’s top prosecutor Nov. 6.

In his 28 years as state’s attorney, Garnati said a lot of cases stand out, but he credits his staff and law enforcement for their part in winning 32 murder convictions in his seven terms on the job. “There are just so many good people that it’s hard to say anything other than it’s great to be Williamson County State’s Attorney,” he said. “I wouldn’t want any other job. This is a job I’ve wanted all my life, and the fact that I’ve made it for 28 years is kind of amazing to me.” At the end of his current term, Garnati will have served 32 consecutive years as state’s attorney.

The thing to note here is this guy is a life long democrat and part of the Illinois machine. So then, let’s look at the charges of racism and get the whole picture:

The top prosecutor in a southern Illinois county is facing a legal ethics case because of racial remarks he made that derailed a murder trial. Williamson County State’s Attorney Charles Garnati violated four legal ethics rules and “tends to defeat the administration of justice or to bring the courts or legal profession into disrepute,” contends the the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission in a Nov. 6 complaint (PDF) that was made public on Wednesday. The defendant, who is black, was tried before an all-white jury in July 2011 and sentenced to 85 years before his conviction was reversed on appeal, reports the Chicago Tribune.

“Now in our white world, ladies and gentlemen,” said Garnati at one point during the trial, as he drew a distinction between the way the two races deal with police. In an unusual move, he agreed last summer that the defendant, Marcus Marshall, should get a new trial in the case, which involved the fatal shooting of LaQuinn Hudson at a 2010 party in Marion. A state appellate court reversed Marshall’s conviction in September. The Tribune said Garnati could not be reached for comment Wednesday, and he did not immediately respond to a message left at his office on Thursday morning by the ABA Journal.

Yeah, but we keep getting told that the racists are other people. And no, this is not just one case. This is the one case they couldn’t ignore so we heard about it. In my personal experience I have found the most racist people to always be democrats. Be they white or black ones. And one of the most racist people I have ever seen heads up the DOJ these days.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Nearly all of the blatantly racist people I know are democrats, several of them “progressive” (communist). In Seattle, a lot of them are Asian, so the racism isn’t what you expect when it comes out – while a lot of it is just Jim Crow style hating on blacks, they hate other Asian ethnic groups even more, and that’s what they feel they can publicly get away with.

    It also brings up one of those “all you white people look the same” moments because most people I know can’t spot the minor differences between Asian ethnic groups (much less the within-group differences), so it all comes across as their being racist against themselves when they start slamming on other Asians.

    Finally, it nearly always comes with an bad accent – it’s crap they learned “in the old country”, and their kids tend to be not only embarrassed about how their parents act, they frequently freak them out by marrying someone from one of those groups. Then they even more pissed off when the grandkids don’t speak anything buy English and identify themselves as “American” instead of either ethnic group (you should see my evil MIL get worked up over this – her grandkids even went so far as to identify themselves as “white”).

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  2. Xetrov

    Sorry to Hijack the thread, Alex.

    But –

    Has anyone ever survived a buyout? Just received word my company is being purchased by its largest competitor, and I’ve got no clue what to expect, or how quickly I should start looking for work. They are both massive companies, so it will take at least several years for full integration.

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