Obamacare is still a disaster, but they are pretending otherwise

At a time when the LSM is trying it’s best to provide cover for the trophy piece of the Obama administration and desperately trying to convince the rubes that this disaster is anything but and we have to dig to find out that this thing is still a major source of problems, revelations like the fact that no security was ever built into Obamacare site should provide all the ammunition those of us need to show how inept these leftists nanny staters really are. The thing is that this pig can not be made to look pretty. It’s going to be used as a weapon against us, especially by leftists with delusions of grandeur, and any attempt to prevent that will be blocked. We are getting screwed, and if you ask the right question, you would know that’s so, by these holier-than-thou, know-it-all, credentialed marxist scumbags and their grand plan to turn this once great nation into a fucking shithole, because they sold their lies to a bunch of misinformed, brainwashed, and immature lemmings. What this country needs is a change to the constitution that forces these progressive scumbags to subject themselves to the same shackles and torture they impose on the rest of us. It would immediately put an end to the progressive movement as it exists today.

Welcome to the future! It’s going to be butt-fucking-ugly, and it comes to you via the actions of the progressives.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Try reading the headlines – Drudge Report will at the very least take you to the report on how the obamacare website apparently doesn’t have any security measures designed into it.

    Or we could use CM’s version of links, and just find a random chart on some orphaned website to point to.

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  2. CM

    I lick my paws clean at least once a week.
    Seattle Outcast, what do you want to be if you grow up?

    Posted from a P.O. Box in Somalia

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