They have an enemies list, and they fuck those that show them up

It looks like yet another person that pointed out how corrupt this administration and the left are in a medium that gave them good visibility is going to get fucked by the scumbags sympathetic to the crooks in charge. It is time for the IRS to go. We have a DOJ that’s not more honorable or clean than your average mafia outfit and the most powerful institution in America, the IRS, fucking over anyone the bureaucrats in charge feel threatened about. Of course the marxist will tell you they are doing it all for our good. Stalin and Mao murdered millions for their own good too…

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  1. Miguelito

    I saw the issue the other day too SO, but it was that the server itself wasn’t responding, not an issue with the link itself. Sad that a site like would go down (and I saw it over a period of an hour or two) like that, but they apparently did.

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