Home for the Holidays

Busy day, but I thought you’d get a kick out of this. Barack Obama is encouraging people to take some time during the holidays to talk to their families about Obamacare.

This holiday season, millions of Americans have a chance to get quality, affordable health insurance—many for the first time. If you have family members who are uninsured, you can play a big part in helping them find coverage that works for them. It might not always seem like it, but your family listens to you. So have the talk.

Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like drunken arguments over Obamacare.

The site a step-by-step guide to “having the conversation” with your family and includes such items as:

Don’t wait until the last minute—be sure to start the conversation early!: “Thanks for picking up from the airport, dad. Have you thought about getting Obamacare? Waddya mean I can take the bus home?”

Be honest about your feelings and why this is important to you.: “If you’re going to get in a car accident, for God’s sake do it on the government’s dime.”

Tell them: The marketplace gives you an easy way to find plans, compare them and sign up for the one that’s right for you. You don’t have to complete the process all in one sitting, and you can do it over the phone, online, or in person.: “Here, you bring up the healthcare website and wait for it to work. I’ll cover you at work for the next three months.”

I realize that, to Obama, this sounds pretty reasonable. It’s now easy to get cheap insurance (theoretically, at least) so we should spread the word to our uninsured family members so they’ll sign up. But the website has a creepifying propaganda vibe that’s hard to ignore.

(I’ll also note the site seems a bit confused about whether you are signing up family members or yourself. It instructs you in signing up family members. But at the beginning, it tells you to make sure you have your social security number, budget, etc.)


Once that conversation is over perhaps you could bring up reproductive rights, immigration reform, and judicial filibusters. They’re all important subjects of national concern. Why not set aside some time on Thanksgiving Day to discuss them too? Maybe just pick up the remote, turn off the football game, and ask everyone if you could have their attention while you explain how progressive public policy can improve their lives if only they do their part. They’ll appreciate it!

My family members range from stark raving liberal to rock-ribbed conservative. I have absolutely no intention of bringing up Obamacare at any family event. Because while I like my mother’s turkey stuffing, I have no desire to end up wearing it. Those members of my family who need individual insurance policies know about it already. And if they didn’t and I wanted them to, my iPhone is never more than a few feet away.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Maybe you should tell them to get a fucking job that has benefits, get a haircut, bathe regularly, get some clothes that don’t say “I’m a total loser”,stop spending all their cash on weed & tattoos, and generally get their shit together instead.

    You know, stop being a drain on society and expecting everyone else to pay their fucking way. On the plus side, they’ll get something nasty from sharing a needle and die young, or just OD….

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    The people I saw supporting Obamacare in the news were a bunch of “alternative lifestyle” losers who considered serving coffee and growing weed to be legitimate long-term careers while they complained about the cost of their Hep C meds.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    Maybe so. But Obamacare effects the entire insurance market. In theory, people who buy individual policies should try the exchanges to get cheaper rates. Most of the alternative lifestyle types will be on Medicaid.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    I know some of those alternative lifestyle types – they don’t trust real medicine because it isn’t spiritual and pagan enough. All those pills? Surgery? Don’t share needles?

    WTF Dude – just do some yoga, get some acupuncture at the local aromatherapy center, and have some herbal tea laced with colloidal silver while you’re in line to get some new ink. That will set you right…

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  5. Miguelito

    If you have family members who are uninsured

    Sorta negates your main point there Hal. Those self-employed that buy individual policies are already insured.

    Well… Assuming they weren’t cancelled thanks to 0care of course.

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