The wheels are coming off the bus

While the LSM here in the US does nothing but provide cover for the buffoon in chief, the foreign press points out that this idiot is still lying or out of his league:

President Barack Obama told a conference-call audience of progressive volunteers on Monday evening that ‘more than 100 million Americans’ – in a nation of less than 314 million – have successfully signed up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act.

And at a time when his signature legislative initiative’s website has made the White House the butt of jokes, the website hosting the conference call was plagued with its own connection errors and other malfunctions.

A weary-sounding Obama made his gaffe during the call, hosted by Organizing For Action, the nonprofit successor to his campaign organization Obama For America. The group claimed 200,000 people managed to listen, aided by an RSVP process that included a fundraising solicitation.

If he had an (R) next to his name we would spend the next month or two, nay year or more, talking about how stupid the C student that he is was. of course, without his school records we can’t even verify Obama is the genius they claim he is. The evidence point to a different conclusion, but the LSM won’t tell you so.

Anyway, I have to admit that I am having a ball with this catastrophe and the damage it is doing to the left’s psyche. Especially when you hear that big supporters, touted as success stories, in the end crash & burn because of it:

“Jessica Sanford was cited by the president as an Obamacare success story at a health care event he had here at the White House in the Rose Garden on October 21,” says a reporter for CNN from the White House. “That of course being just last month. The 48-year-old single mom from Washington state purchased what she considered to be affordable health care, life-changing event, she said, on the Washington state health exchange. She decided she was so excited about this news, she wanted to write an e-mail to the president to say that this had really changed her life and that she was thankful for the Afforable Care Act. The president included her e-mail in his remarks to people on hand for the event. Here’s a bit of what the president had to say.”

The CNN report quotes President Obama as saying, “I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington state. And here’s what she wrote, I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed. and I haven’t had insurance for 15 years because it’s too expensive. I was crying the other day when I signed up, so much stress lifted.”

“But days, just really three days after she was mentioned by the president, Jessica Sanford started having problems, she was receiving letters from the Washington state health exchange,” reports CNN. “The first letter telling her that tax credit was reduced, therefore, increasing the cost of her health care plan and the, take a look at this, then she received a letter just last week telling her that her tax credit had been taken away all together. Show you another document here, showing what the tax credit worked out to be… zero dollars according to this document that was provided to us by Jessica Sanford. She describes all of this as a roller coaster ride. Now she says she can’t afford insurance in Washington state because of the new developments.”

This shit is like sweet music to my ears. Am I reveling in her pain? Hell yes. Stupid people deserve the consequences of their stupid choices. If anything Obamacare is a great cure to collectivist fantasies about how great the shit they believe in is. here is me raising my glass to this success story! Suck it up you bitchez!

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    If someone does come and state what a genius Obama is, ask them how they know. I mean, his entire college life has been locked up, so NOBODY knows what sort of student he was. As for his tenure on the Harvard Law Review, he published nothing. When he was a constitutional law LECTURER, not a professor, he was only highly rated once, then considered a waste of time.

    He likes to lecture people, but he doesn’t actually seem to know much.

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  2. Hal_10000

    Ha! I was about to post about the Sanford story. I think the real numbers are 100,000 people in the exchanges, but only a quarter of those through the federal exchange. And that’s people who’ve gotten quotes, not who’ve actually signed up. As I said the other day, Wilt Chamberlain claims to have slept with more women than have signed up for Obamacare. And his claim is more credible.

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  3. AlexInCT *

    As I said the other day, Wilt Chamberlain claims to have slept with more women than have signed up for Obamacare”

    Sad that there are a lot of these jokes going around these days….

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  4. AlexInCT *

    The funny thing is they were prepared to catch people from the media and tell them to go take a hike, like I read a Fox News reporter that tried to sign up on the first day report, but they sign up dogs because the guy on the phone is just too distracted by the midget and donkey porn running on his screen to bother.

    And I keep getting told by morons on the left that these people working for government will improve healthcare because they are not motivated by evil profits. The connection between customer service and profits seem to always escape these types. They are not bright enough to put together that evil korporashuns are beholden to their stock holders and customers, and even to the government should they break the law, but that government and those working for the government are beholden to nobody. After seeing the fuckup Sebelius supervised without it having any meaningful consequence for her employment, do you think some of these progtards would put two and two together and understand what the future of healthcare under these unaccountable and uncaring bureaucrats is gonna be like? Highly doubt it, because all that unicorn fart sniffing has left most of them brain dead.

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