The fix is in..

And in this case it sucks badly. Everyone is baffled about Obama’s proposed fix to the predicted Obamacare disaster. The lies told about being able to keep everything you had right then if you liked it told then, have basically forced the collectivists that want to take over healthcare to walk back their botched implementation. But the fix they have put in place again refuses to acknowledge the way things work in the real world:

New York — Health insurers across America woke up Friday to confront a looming administrative nightmare. For more than a year or longer, they meticulously crunched the numbers for their 2014 health plans, conforming them to the new mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They navigated the labyrinths of Obamacare’s regulations, including the 10 essential benefits required for all plans, and they applied new rules that governed how they could calculate their costs.

Then they sent these plans to state regulators. Hosts of state actuaries throughout the country reviewed the calculations, approving some, requiring revisions for others. After this long and often tortuous process, insurance carriers finally presented their suite of 2014 plans to their customers – complete with approved yearly premiums. But now, with less than 2 months to go before what was supposed to be a new era in American health care, President Obama is telling insurers that if their customers want to keep their old plans, they can keep them.

Let’s forget the incredible fact that Obama has basically made an unconstitutional executive decision to circumvent a law he has warned others not to tamper with, and focus on the incredibly naïve notion that he can just snap his fingers and that will make insurers roll back reality. This aspect is a doozy, but what I expect from people that think the law doesn’t apply to them. If we needed any more proof that these fucking collectivists have no clue about how things work in the real world, this is the umpteenth example of that. If anything, this act of desperation should be the clarion call to any idiots that still believe this dysfunctional government takeover of our healthcare system was a good idea or can be made to work, to finally see the truth. Unfortunately progressivism is about a level of stupid that is suicidal in nature.

Here’s a prediction: this “fix” is going to make things even worse. It will now expand to hurt even more people as insurance companies are forced to comply with this new edict. Watch the democrats go out of their way to blame the insurance companies for not being able to do this too. After all, it is always someone else’s fault. And never the fact that their ideology is defective. This thing will have repercussions, and will hit his base in the balls the hardest, that will ripple through our entire economy, and I am not not just talking about the scams. If the agenda is to make health insurance radioactive, it will succeed. But it will neither fix nor improve anything but the grip collectivist twits have on our already compromised liberties.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I’m not sure so much that the fix is in as I am that Obama has been caught with his dick in his hand – I’m fairly certain that he thought this was going to be like the invention of chocolate or free internet porn, with everyone just flocking to the get some of that awesome health care. I mean, that’s what they all said, they all wanted healthcare, it was going to save everyone money, etc, etc. – of course, that was all repeated to each other endlessly in an echo chamber where non-conformist thought was ridiculed.

    No, Obama and the left’s collection of usual idiots were caught flat-footed and their jaws are on the floor in bewilderment at how it not only is the fed site not working, the people that were supposed to have been overjoyed are pissed off or don’t even care. In a year the people that voted in this disaster are going to be gutted if they even try to run for reelection, and Obama/Jarrett are going to find the Senate is no longer the firewall they depended on. Hell, they may start passing veto-proof legislation – be interesting to see if Obama thinks he can executive order his way around that.

    Pelosi, of course, is out back back taking a few more hits of LSD and mushrooms in order to cope.

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