You got it backwards woman..

Ophra recently took to the air to push the meme that people dis Obama because he is black. What a pile of shit. Obama has gotten away with murder because he is black. I for one admit that I am super careful what i say about him precisely because I want to avoid having people be able to ignore the argument on its merits and accuse me of being a racist. There are countless others like me out there. If Obama was white, I would never show the restraint I do now discussing how fucking incompetent he is. The fact of the matter is that the left has banked on Obama’s race as a means to avoid havign to explain or take responsibility for their failures. Ophra is just helping get more of that feigned indignation thing going.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    What they are doing is showing how racist they are. The thought that Obama is so fucking magnificent and flawless that the ONLY reason you could not be in line to suck his cock is because you are a closet KKK member, is simply mixing together stupid and racism in a glass at cocktail hour.

    Oddly enough, I’ve been calling Oprah a racist ever since her show first came on in the 80’s. It was glaringly obvious – she hates white people, men, and white men most of all, unless they are gay, in which case she lets them jump all over the furniture.

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  2. Iconoclast

    Obama is black?

    Is that question directed at SO, who’s post immediately precedes yours? Or is it directed to Alex? Or is it directed to anyone who can answer?

    I know it’s “blatantly fucking obvious” in your brilliant mind, but what can I say? I’m either obtuse, or just a moron. Can’t seem to decide which, maybe it’s both…

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  3. Dave D

    Half black last time I checked. That means he is half white male, which is the most evil form of human being on this planet to the left. That may explain a lot of what he does??????

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