O’Keefe exposes Obamacare scampaign

I am not surprised to find out that one of the people most vilified and hated by the left – after all he exposed the criminal and corrupt vote stealing schemes run by ACORN and then got an NPR top man fired for the organization’s role in propagandizing for team Black Jesus – exposes serious problems with Obamacare. I am not sure why anyone would find it surprising that an enterprise to funnel 1/6 of the US economy, and more importantly, give the political class the ability to control life & death decisions for the average serf, all while making a few connected leftists stinking rich, is rife with problems and abuse. Their goal has always been to destroy the system as we know it while garnering more power. So now there is a backlash against them and the people are no longer just willing to suck donkey dick and pretend the problem isn’t of the left’s own making, and they see it costing them at the polls, so they are going to do whatever it takes to pretend things are under control. And I do mean anything and everything, because in the end, with these crooks, what matters is power staying in their hands. I suspect that these marching orders are coming from up high. I expect they will tell us that’s not true, yet again, and they will get cover for that lie from the media.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    I read today that Bill Clinton thinks Obumbler should allow people to keep their old plan if the really prefer them. All as a matter of good face I suppose.

    IMHO this reneg on the previous reneg will automatically send both ObamaCare and quite possibly Barry himself to the ashcan of History. At that point “Her Filthiness” can start touting HillaryCare Part II NOW and it will be all ready to slither into place by January 2017.

    Disunited Banana Republic of America

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  2. Hal_10000

    The Congressional hearings got into this issue last week. There’s been no screening of the navigators at all.

    Also, they’re now saying they won’t be ready by the end of the November. Surprise, surprise!

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  3. CM

    Tim Siedell ‏@badbanana 42m
    “Every time Obama said period he meant to say asterisk. They look similar on a teleprompter, so let’s cut him some slack.”

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  4. AlexInCT *

    I would like to joke about this all CM, but unfortunately there are way too many people gettting hurt, and hurt bad, by this crap. I have very little sympathy for the people that were all for this crap before they found out they would have to pay more, and now are all butt hurt. But there where many others that didn’t want anything to do with this, because they saw what would come to pass regardless of the campaign of obfuscation, that now are getting hurt.

    And Hal’s point that we are finally being told that they won’t be ready for November comes only as a surprise to the people that chose to ignore reality and lap up even more bulsshit, proves that there are still too many people willing to believe the lies. There is a reason the old saying says “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

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  5. AlexInCT *

    GW Boosh? ;-)

    Never fooled me. I always knew he was a demcorat-light, but given the alternative, I would have picked him. Even knowhing how things would play out I would still have picked him over either Gore or Kerry. Unlike the idiots that want to pretend otherwise, I am not under the delusion they would have done anything but worse (see Obama, whom I think is on par with them when it comes to idiotic and destructive, but is far less insane than Gore and can at least pass for sentient unlike Kerry).

    Then again, I paid attention to what Boosh said, what was going on, and what everyone else said/did/believed, so the historic revisionism that passed for intelligent discourse amongst the intelligentsia, after the fact, so they could pretend Boosh was a stupid man at the same time as he was a manipulative evil genius, never stuck with me. Now the people that pretend he lied though – which coincidentally are the same people today trying real hard to convince everyone, including themselves, that Obama didn’t/doesn’t lie, or that if he did/does, he did/does it for a good reason – have really fooled themselves, repeatedly, to the point of absurdity.

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