Fuck the people’s will! Leave my power alone.

When they win, they will tell you it is a mandate (not to be confused with 2 guys going out on a date) and that the will of the people MUST, I-say MUST be served. But when they lose, then we have shit like this.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Days after a Republican was elected mayor of Annapolis, City Council members say they will revisit legislation that would strip the mayor’s office of much of its power.

Democratic Alderman Ross Arnett of Ward 8 tells The Capital he will introduce a charter amendment to move Annapolis to a council-manager style of government. The city manager would report directly to the City Council, not the mayor.

Under Arnett’s legislation, the mayor’s post would be largely ceremonial. The mayor would retain a single vote on the council. Arnett says the change would stabilize the city’s management.

The People’s Republic of Massachusetts did the some of the same shit when Romney was elected. That was so they could make sure they could prevent him from appointing someone that wasn’t part of the crime syndicate that runs that state to the Senate, should old “U-Boat Commander” Teddy – I will fuck a pile of rocks on the off chance there is a snake in there – Kennedy croak and the governor be left with the option to pick the next senator. Of course as soon as a democrat won there again, they rescinded that ruling. I have a feeling this is more of the same.

The clear message here is that they don’t give a flying fuck about the people. It’s all about their power and their ability to keep that power. The rest of it is just for show. Fascists to the core.

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