Gaia hates on teh brown peoplez!

At least that’s what I expect what I expect the cultists will soon claim about the devastation in the Philippines caused by a typhoon. And you know that tragedy is gonna be abused. The island chain was devastated. This typhoon was a beast. Lets focus on that: not how to milk it to spread UN sponsored misery to oppress the free.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    As my Filipino in-laws like to frequently point out, the country is it’s own worst enemy. I has a natural resource of a population that, despite living in extreme poverty, tends to speak fairly good American English, is tech savvy, and is hard working. The place should be an industrial powerhouse of manufacturing. Instead the country is overwhelmed by a matriarchal society of bribery, making sure people “know their place”, and completely not giving a shit about the welfare of others.

    The best thing that ever happens to a Filipino is leaving the country for the US, so they can get a fair shot at having a future. Of course, a good percentage of them that get out on an educational visa come back so they can live like royalty and perpetuate the problems for another generation. Being “upper class” in the PI by dint of education is a huge fucking perk. You aren’t just another doctor or lawyer, as they would be in the US, you own a city block to call your home, employ a dozen neo-slaves to run your estate, and laws don’t apply to you. You might even have your own generator and water tank for when the electricity and water get turned off each night for 8 hours in the major cities.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    He should be scared shitless – on a good day the place is disease central (hope everyone got their shots), and the water is questionable. Right now they can expect the sewage everywhere, complete disruption of services, and everyone cleaning up after a Class IV tropical storm in a place with non-existent building codes.

    And as far as this being the “strongest storm ever” – people shouldn’t really rely on bloggers for that sort of shit. The PI gets hit by storms like this quite frequently on the geologic time scale, and while it was a Class IV, it was a long ways from even being the strongest storm in the past ten years.

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