“Government Justice” on display

I don’t care if it is at the state or federal level, it looks like government is broken. Let’s take a look at the case where a NC IT employee sent out a traffic alert blaming women drivers, rain, and Obamacare. That employee was promptly fired for the un-PC message. In the meantime, the state of NC’s the Obamacare health exchange, which uses the fed’s government’s website, has managed to sign up only one person. Nobody has really been fired for pissing away $1 billion of tax payers’ money, causing millions to lose their existing policies and now face the penal-tax or rates that have gone up, often doubling, with more pain to come for all. The liar in chief has given a faux apology, and promised to “fix this” before the end of this month, but as someone working in IT I can assure you that he is full of shit. They are doubling down on stupid, and it shows! These fucks show neither remorse nor shame at their epic fail. In fact, they blame everyone and everything but the real problem: the fact that they are morons that think they can bend the laws of reality.

The credentialed class would like you to believe that this problem is because of a government brain drain, but that is laughable. The problem is that government, especially with this moron in charge right now, only attracts ass kissing sycophants with delusions of grandeur. In fact, the government healthcare take over is driven by the idiotic belief that government somehow – MAGIC! – will do the impossible and bend reality to the will of unicorn fart sniffers. From the beginning there have been those of us that have pointed out that the government healthcare takeover would lead to the same level of ineptitude and the same kind of pain that one must go through when dealing with any other agency run by government. The true believers dismissed anyone pointing this reality out as just being shills for the evil profit takers. As if letting government piss away orders of magnitude more money, make arbitrary life & death decisions, and inefficiency and ineptness destroying quality and access, still remains a better choice than letting someone make profits.

The only thing I hope comes out of this massive disaster is that even the most hardcore unicorn fart smeller, faced with the reality of how inept government is, the pain and costs of this boondoggle, will have to shut their freaking trap up, in order to avoid being shamed by the rest of us that know that this thing is indefensible. If the next 2 generation of Americans are turned sour on big government, this whole fiasco might – notice I say might – be worth the tragic pain the left has inflicted on our nation.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    How can you drain an empty vessel?

    The “best and brightest” have never gone to work for the government – “crooks and liars” is who ends up there.

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