Psychic Phenomena, Ghosts… Bigfoot.

That title is one of my favorite quotes, and it comes from the movie “Final Destination 5″, where the FBI agent is interviewing the main protagonist about his vision of impending death on a collapsing bridge, getting some people that then start mysteriously dying, one by one, off the bridge before the collapse, and not buying the story. The FBI agent suspects terrorism, but is not aware that the nemesis is actually death on a killing spree, as is the premise behind all these Final Destination flicks. Queue a real life Bigfoot hunting related shooting:

By FOX NEWS – An apparent hunt for Bigfoot in the woods of Oklahoma went wrong after a man reportedly heard a “barking noise,” turned around and shot his friend in the back, police say.

One of the men told authorities they were hunting for the mythical beast in the woods of Rogers County Saturday night.

What I want to know is if the incident was preceded by the famous words “Hold my beer and watch this” that always seems to be part of these escapades. Shooting Bigfoot, pfftt. Every respectable Bigfoot hunter knows that Bigfoot is really Aunt Bunny

Goonie Goo Goo!

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    “You shaved a bigfoot and married it” – Eddie when he was actually so funny you wet yourself as you laughed your silly butt off.

    Every time I see one of these “hunters” of the paranormal, lost creatures, etc, I wonder how many of them are going to end winning a Darwin award. I have the impression that they are either just putting on a show for the camera in order to get paid, or they think they are living a real-life version of “Supernatural”

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Yeah, Dean Winchester they ain’t. Most of them would look right at place at a comic-con, only still too geeky to actually fit in.

    I’ve never been able to stomach more than about five minutes of these programs – why they keep getting shows is beyond me, but I don’t even understand how “reality” shows about “real housewives” draw an audience.

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  3. Thrill

    Bigfoot, if real, would be this rare, intelligent and mystical creature who has lived in the wilderness for centuries only wanting us to leave it alone. So naturally, these asshats want to go out to shoot it.

    If Bigfoot were found to be real, I’d favor it being a federal offense to come within 1,000 feet of one just to protect it from people like these.

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  4. satch

    Who says Bigfoot isn’t real? I saw him on Fox News just the other day. Oh…sorry. That was Bob Beckel. I would never demean a Bigfoot by associating him with that over flatulent wind bag.

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