Democrats knew they were destroying it…

Looks like one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel, a council to the WH, admitted during a Fox News interview that democrats forced the evil insurance korporashuns to accept their vision of what the future would look like, and thus, rigged the game in such a way that it basically meant an end to the individual insurance market through the ACA. That’s right: the donkeys made sure the insurance industry understood that the individual market had to go, because the democrats were going to make it impossible to keep.

So there you have it. The democrats that tell you they are the party of the little people collude with the evil profit makers to destroy a market that stands in the way of their end goal: destroy the healthcare market as we know it so the can institute single payer. The idiot korporashuns, driven by their short term greed or something, go along with the insane plan, somehow thinking they can survive the apocalypse the left has in mind for our healthcare system. Maybe they count on the fact that government being as inept as it is at practically everything it does, will allow them to stay in business.

Like I said: only a fucking idiot would believe Obamacare was about making healthcare more affordable, easier to get, or better in any way. The end goal was always to destroy the system we had now so they could have government take it all over. The sheep that thought they would be getting free healthcare, paid by someone else, are now discovering that they are going to foot the bill for this, and now they are mad. Fucking idiots. Some are paying with more than just the content of their wallets. And the thing is that they knew this shit was going off the rails.

Look, when you have a bunch of academic douche bags with no real life business experience of any kind – our president’s greatest achievement was some community organizing and his ability to read teleprompters during campaigns – and a head filled full of leftists dogmatic bullshit, one should not be surprised that they fail spectacularly, and then, have lie about it. Obamacare was doomed from the start because it was put together by people that live in la-la-land and actually despise the way the real world works. And the sad thing is that they did it knowing it would fail, because in the end, they want to implement a different system. One they can only get acceptance for if all else fails. Of course, only a complete moron would doubt that they will fail just as miserably at implementing the single payer system they want, if not fail on an even more spectacular scale, because nothing has changed, and they still have no clue how to make things work in the real world, as they did before.

I hope that the damage this fiasco does to the left is far bigger and longer lasting than the damage it is causing our healthcare system. At least that would be some real justice. The one thing that is certain is that Obama will forever have this disaster tied to his name. People are getting fucked over by Obamacare, and no amount of history rewrite by the left will fix that reality.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    But, those people didn’t “lose” their insurance, they are being “transitioned” into having “better” insurance that just happens to cost 10X what they were buying, but now includes gender reassignment surgery and prenatal care – EVEN IF YOU DON”T NEED IT.

    Why this is needed for straight people, or people that aren’t going to be having families (it’s a choice now, has been since the bronze age), is beyond me.

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  2. Mook

    Hal’s fav journolist Ezra Klein also echos the point that eliminating the evil insurance companies with single-payer as the end game is what Obamacare is all about.. and of course Klein is ok with the fact that selling Obamacare involves “sneakiness” in the form of willful deception.

    These people are dishonest to the core. And it’s not just a “few” of them either. The left, by and large, is completely willing to knowingly lie and oppress others for the “greater good”. Because they know best and their ends always justify their means.

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  3. Section8

    These people are dishonest to the core. And it’s not just a “few” of them either. The left, by and large, is completely willing to knowingly lie and oppress others for the “greater good”. Because they know best and their ends always justify their means.

    One thing that does give the left an advantage is that morality is a non factor. You are correct the end justifies the means, and if the end still brings pain and suffering then it’s shame on everyone else for not understanding. It’s an insane form of thinking which unfortunately is no longer kept at bay in this nation. You can see this with the at best muted outrage of a spy network that has exploded under this administration (Granted there are some honest liberals that are man enough to actually do some “investigative” reporting, Greenwald for example, but that’s few and far between), to the dirty tricks this administration pulls, the behavior of government employees under the environment and attitudes of this administration, to the lack of transparency, and of course the lies. The at best response is “well Bush…”, but wasn’t Bush blasted for his lack of moral compass? Wasn’t Obama supposed to be a vast improvement? So that’s hardly a valid response. When that doesn’t work the other reaction is “So what?” as though a moral compass should no longer matter and it’s actually dumb to think there should be one. The left is a platform of fraud. Their advantage is they are not a shamed of it and actually think it’s something to be celebrated. Now they’ve successfully convinced people that’s a good thing. It will be a tough road ahead. How do you convince people that they are being conned, know they are being conned, and are conned into believing that being conned is their best option, that they are being conned?

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Power corrupts, absolute power….blah, blah, blah…

    That there is no hope for any of us until it all collapses on itself is painfully obvious. As that day is coming soon, be ready to help pick up the pieces and shoot looters….

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