A preditcion about what the left’s next move will be as things get worse…

I was talking the other night with a few friends, and a liberal buddy and his girl, were the ones primarily trying to prove to me how stupid I was for not being as enlightened as they are. The topic was Obamacare, and how despite all the lying, failures, increased costs & lost plans, and the fact that much worse was still to come, that they felt it was a good thing. And they admitted that the feel good part was more important than the thing working right, which is baffling, but that was not the thing that really bowled me over. Progressives have been instituting stupid, horribly flawed, and incredibly damaging policies for decades, and we still get told that we are the ones that are in the wrong for pointing out that good intentions are not enough.

Anyhow, we had been discussing the inadequacy of the law, and as an example, I put up the abysmal record of Medicare & Medicaid, which my own doctor just recently decided to stop working with, because it was simply not financially viable. I told them that I saw this trend becoming even more prevalent, as people in the medical profession, burdened with more and more regulation and the massive costs of that regulation, simply could not keep operating at the loss that Medicare and Medicaid cause. Their only option was to then stop dealing with these government programs. In fact, I pointed out, the same would happen with Obamacare. They were not fazed and even smugly told me they had already thought this through and had a solution. I readied myself for whatever the talking point of the left was – these progtards are nothing but predictable, and you know they get their marching orders from whatever machine tells them what to think – that they would be using to make the insane argument that people should operate businesses at a loss.

To my surprise the solution they proposed, well the girl did, was to force anyone in the medical field to take Medicaid and Medicare patients or be denied the ability to keep practicing. I was stunned. I asked her if she really meant that she wanted a law that forced medical professionals to work for the state at a loss, and she told me, without batting an eye, that she felt it should be so. After all, healthcare is a right, so nobody should be able to do anything that affected people’s ability to get it, so no one should have the right to turn down patients covered by these two government programs. And yes, when I asked her even if it meant their business would have to somehow find a way to keep operating with a big loss, she told me it had to be absolutely so. Her boyfriend that knows me better and had been on the receiving end of some of these conversations with me before, already saw the trap I had laid and tried, to walk it back, but it was too late.

I ignored the boyfriend’s attempt at damage control and pointed out then that she was basically a proponent of slavery. She was stunned. She tried to justify her ludicrous stance, but I would have none of it. When the state can force you to work, not only against your own interests but for peanuts, it is tantamount to indentured servitude. Indentured servitude is a form of slavery. I was not done however, so I asked her why stop with people in the medical profession? We all have to eat to live. That makes it an essential right, doesn’t it? Make people working in industries related to food work for a lot less than the operation of their businesses cost, and tell them to suck it the fuck up too. In fact, make everyone obligated to work for the state, and do it at a loss. That way the state can do a lot more with less! Instant deficit spending solution! I am sure that is the only way to really be just/fair about it all too. She actually was ready to tell me she felt that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea at all, so she did not take kindly to my finishing comment that such a novel system should be tried: after all, its not as if it was done before, and what could go wrong? She had a blank look on her face, but her boyfriend knew exactly what I was talking about. When he pointed out that they didn’t want a repeat of the USSR she got it. At that point they just wasted my time for 20 more minutes trying to pretend that somehow they could do communism better here because our leaders were not the craven and evil megalomaniacs that every other socialist paradise ended up being run by.

The thing is that in the end her argument – actually their argument – was that the problem was mine. That despite the obvious fact that the issue was that she didn’t realize the destructive and stupid thing she was proposing. Instead what she took from the conversation was that she had to be more careful about how she communicated what she wanted. I then pointed out that knew progressives were real good at saying one thing, making it sound awesome, and then fucking people over, but the shit they wanted to do remained fundamentally freedom robbing and despotic . Kind of like what Black Jesus and Team Blue have been doing for the last 5 years, and in particular about the Obamacare fiasco.

At that point they decided it was better to pick on Miley Cyrus for no longer wanting to be the Disney good girl, but the discussion we had had left me thinking. Was this really the strategy the left would employ: push for medical entities that dropped Medicaid, Medicare, or even Obamacare insurance for maybe a cash only system, to be forced to take them, regardless of the loss, or no longer be able to operate? I would not be surprised to find out that democrat politicians or members of the media are already telling the people pointing out how many medical entities are dropping Medicaid and Medicare coverage, especially with so many of the small practices even talking about going to a cash only system, not to worry. They can after all use the threat of force from Leviathan to force them to accept these deficient systems. Or else.

Yeah, this system where we all work for the state will be awesome. Nothing can go wrong….

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Your progtard friends seem identical to the folks within my brother’s progressive enclave in Massachusetts. They somehow feel that “they” will rise to the top of the progressive/communist oligarchy. Their intellect will carry the day I suppose.

    And it’s conversations much like these that have convinced me that we have reached the point of no return. This problem is unfixable. This rot can not be ripped out without damaging the pillars on which this republic was founded.

    The code has become corrupt and a new program needs to be written.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I first heard someone put this line of shit forward a few years back, IN THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION, so when I started hearing it again over the past few months when more and more doctors started saying they weren’t going to accept these insurance plans due to lack of ability to do so much as break even, I wasn’t surprised.

    I knew it was going to start squeaking out in the press when my department’s resident Canadian (literally – if he husband ever dies they are going to toss her ass back across the border), who complains about all these evil “for profit” doctors (or really, anything at all that in her mind should be a free service from the government) and hospitals, started talking the wonders of how the Canadian system for years treated medical people as slaves and “took whatever payment the government discerned was a reasonable cost” or left the country (fucking traitors).

    I’m fulling expecting these idiots to put forth a “medical draft” in which to tell certain individuals that they were now going to be doctors, and the government would determine where and what they would practice, in return for permanent employment by the government. And by “employment”, I mean enslavement. Don’t fight it, or you might have to be “re-educated” for a few years….

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  3. hist_ed

    Funny how the solution to the problems in medical care is to pay doctors less but the solution to problems in education is to pay teachers more.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    How about, get the government out of it entirely and stop fucking with it and make it worse?

    The government has no legal or moral interest to be involved in how, or why, or even IF people purchase health insurance, much less taking it over for them.

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  5. John Binder

    I like to read about energy related stuff online. Often times these discussions have a political aspect to them. Having been raised in California I’ve always had a leftwards slant to my views, but after some of the things I’ve encountered I’ve come to think very poorly of the left. Here is some of the worst of it.

    This first one is part of a list about what someone thinks needs to be done about peak oil.

    “1. First eliminate the opposition. Declare martial law, shut down Fox News, nationalize the oil industry and put Republican leaders and people like the Koch Brothers in indefinite military detention. Halt construction on the Keystone XL pipeline. Basically, take charge.”

    I don’t think a person like this should be left in charge of a toothpick factory. The thought of people like this with real power is terrifying.

    Next there is way to much hatred of humanity. I’ve seen a lot of people compare us to yeast.

    “Person 1: At least yeast have an excuse. What’s ours?
    Person 2: Yeast are smarter than humans.”

    Anyone who thinks differently than them or has different values than them is less than human in their eyes. They need to be controlled for their own good because they are too stupid to make the “right” decisions. They never seem to question whether the problem might be themselves.

    Last, they don’t really want plentiful cheap energy. Instead they hate people so much that they would rather have people suffer alone in the dark then to actually have any freedom or power over their own lives.

    “Not that I believe this contraption will work, but if man were to find a way to produce unlimited energy at negligible cost, then this is a GUARANTEED death knell for all life on earth. Unlimited energy would unleash an unprecedented new wave of economic growth and a final obliteration of all life-forms from the surface of the earth. All trees would be cleared away and their function as oxygen producers will be replaced by machines which are more efficient than nature. The same will happen for other aspects of the environment. The oceans will be turned into a mono-cultural breeding ground for commercially profitable fish species. The Amazon forest will be one giant swathe of palm and soybean plantations.

    Mountains will be leveled. Giant furrows will be carved into the earth to create artificial rivers which direct water around the industrial grid. The entire surface of the earth will be carpeted with a maze of concrete and steel. There will literally be no place where John the Savage can run and hide from this hideous cancer called civilization, for it will spread and colonize every inch of land, and blacken and deaden the souls of all whom it swallows.

    It’s too awful to think about. The only thing worse than living in a world of depleting finite energy sources is living in a world of infinite energy. Man is not yet ready for that kind of freedom. He must serve more time in hell and cleanse his spirit of all his terrible instincts.”

    I think this is a big reason why some of them support wind and solar while rejecting nuclear even though it is obvious to anyone who is well informed that nuclear is a million times better. They don’t want people to have affordable energy. Instead what they want is control. They want to use their great “wisdom” to manage and control the yeast like humans that are too stupid to know what is in their own best interest.

    This type of stuff makes me very mad. Nothing is really sustainable. The world is going to die some day. Everyone seems to agree on this point so it follows logically that there will only be a certain number of people who get to live. So how should that limited number of people get to live? Should they be forced to live like animals in a zoo managed by the elite few who know what’s “best” for them, or will they be given freedom and power over their own lives(i.e. make choices accepting responsibility etc)? This question seems to becoming increasing relevant now day as more and more of our freedoms are taken away from us. I know what side I’m on. I’m on whatever side doesn’t lie to my face to get what they want. Which means that I don’t support Obama care which only passed because the president lied to all of us, and I don’t support the renewaphiles who lie all the time to get people to support their crappy technology, and reject the far better alternative (i.e. nuclear energy).

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  6. Poosh

    It’s shocking just how quickly you can reveal a non-seasoned liberal to reveal his or her fascism and violence.

    Had a similar convo Alex on education. Apparently lower class pupils get better results when in mixed classes with other classes (which is probably true), therefor private schools and private education should be banned (violence) and those who don’t come from a lower social background should be forced to send their kids to state, mixed schools. Because it improves the education of those at the bottom. He even said that the rich and middle class should be subject to this sort of violence with a smug smile on his progressive face; disgusting.

    *can’t help but think you were talking about the latest episode of South Park when you had this convo, given the last episode attacked Obamacare AND Miley Cyrus.

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  7. Kimpost

    Come on. Push your republican(?) politicians for good answers to the question:

    “How are we going to set up a healthcare system which covers everyone including unable, stupid, lazy and reckless – millions of which with no money?”

    Insurance? Single payer? A mix? What? Offer solutions other than “people should be responsible for their own lives.”

    Romney did it in Massachusetts. The Heritage Foundation had a plan once. Where are these guys now?

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  8. AlexInCT *

    *can’t help but think you were talking about the latest episode of South Park when you had this convo, given the last episode attacked Obamacare AND Miley Cyrus.

    The funny thing is that I DVRed it on Wednesday and actually saw it right after I made the post Poosh, which gave me a good laugh as well. Been real busy since I had some life changes a couple of years ago, and I find myself always catching up with the TV stuff. Maybe I should just stop watching most of it because it is all crap.

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  9. AlexInCT *

    “How are we going to set up a healthcare system which covers everyone including unable, stupid, lazy and reckless – millions of which with no money?”

    I have answered this very thing a several times here Kimpost. What we need is catastrophic coverage for everyone, and we can even put the government in charge of that. That way anyone that suffers from a costly lifelong illness or that has a life event that ends up costing them a fortune, gets covered to help them. We can even pay for all this through taxes if there is no better way to do this. Keep it small, make it portable, and most importantly, limit the regulations and requirements. Government is why this stuff costs so much and is so broke. Punish anyone caught abusing this, harshly. Then let people shop for private coverage for the other stuff, if they want it, based on their needs and wants, or set up some cash reimbursement system at the local level.

    Less onerous regulation on people and the medical profession will immediately translate into cost savings. The problem now is the collusion between government and the medical industry. Big Pharma and government collude to force us all to pay more so some companies can get their expensive non generics on everyone’s plan. Insurance companies and government collude to come up with plans that cost and arm & a leg, and provide benefits most people will never need or want, all so the insurance companies can make more money. Over-regulation of the medical market – the amount of paperwork my doctor’s office has to fill out for something as simple as a check up, is absolutely insane – by government is killing efficiency and drives up cost. You see the pattern and culprit in this yet Kimpost?

    Our system in the US has deteriorated because of politicians and their interference. They pretend to be doing it to help, but they are only helping themselves. Their agenda is to increase their power and influence – that gets them more people trying to buy favors – and to control the money and the decision making. They pretend they want to do what is fair, but that’s a horrible lie. If they really wanted that, they would not be excluding themselves from whatever shit sandwich they tell us we need to gobble up and ask seconds of. And the democrats don’t want to fix anything: their agenda is to break it so badly that they can then have government take it all over. In a candid moment the leftists will tell you that they will cement their hold on power forever if they can own healthcare too. It can be used to control the sheep. You can even punish those that you feel deserve it, especially when you can use this system to learn anything and everything about them!

    I want government as far away as possible from healthcare other than collecting the money and paying for the care. No ability to look at the information. No ability to influence policy, coverage, cost, or anything at all. No opportunity for politicians to push agendas, set up schemes and scams to steal money, or for them to use the system to punish their political enemies. The socialized state, even the feminized fascist one the western democracies have adopted, is an evil, freedom robbing entity. C.S. Lewis said it best:

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    This is precisely why I do not want do-gooders, especially when it is obvious they are pretenders like the democrats oft are, or worse the true believers, in charge of anything. As I mentioned above, we had a bunch of doo-gooders with no clue how things work in the real world try to do a massive task. They were not even smart enough to realize how monumental what they wanted to do was. They pretended there would be no consequences, actually they lied, but I am being kind, and only focused on the things they wanted to pretend they were fixing. They fucked it up, just like they fuck it up every time they try to do anything. There is no accountability. This has wasted a ton of money, it is a fiasco of epic proportions, and yet, we get told it is much ado about nothing. The credentialed elite are even pissed off that we dare call them on it!

    Seriously, the problem is with people that frame the issue like you did, because they hope the monumental task dissuades anyone and encourages them to pass it off to government. Frankly I like the system we had before the left got its hands on it. Obamacare BTW, will not solve the problems you mentioned. It will not cover anyone. No system will. There will still be 30 million people plus in this country after Obamacare destroys the healthcare system as we know it.

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  10. Mississippi Yankee

    Romney did it in Massachusetts. The Heritage Foundation had a plan once. Where are these guys now?

    Nice to see you still like to spew your liberal lefty lies.

    Let me try explaining this to your ilk one more time you dishonest shit weasel.

    RomneyCare was an experiment, it was conducted within one of our semi-sovereign 50+ petri dishes. BTW,that’s how it’s supposed to be done here. And although there was a fair amount of skullduggery involved the basic laws of the constitutional republic were followed. Romney DID NOT write it, Romney DID NOT want to pass it in it’s present form. Romney’s veto power was negated by a political party that knew it had the votes to end all debate.

    ObamaCare was shoved down our throats by the same political party, using many of the same tactics it used in Massachusetts. NOT ONE member on the right wanted ObamaCare, and NOT ONE member on the right voted for this greasy piece of offal.

    Kindly save your Alinsky bullshit and half-truths for others a bit less informed. Kim your condescension insults most of the folks around here. It’s like when you disregarded Clinton’s 2 counts of perjury and one of obstructing justice then claiming he was impeached for getting a BJ.

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  11. Miguelito

    “How are we going to set up a healthcare system which covers everyone including unable, stupid, lazy and reckless – millions of which with no money?”

    You know, for the truly unable (and I’d count those that are mentally “stupid” in there, vs stupid in the vein of reckless) I would ask this, but for the lazy and reckless… I wouldn’t. Why should it be up to the rest of us to take care of people that can’t bother to take care of themselves when they have the ability?

    I might be ok with even those people with a catastrophic only plan like Alex talks about.

    But when you’ve got shit like this going on where even our supposed representatives are telling people that Ocare is an excuse to go on the dole… fuck ‘em.

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